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Jorge Bolet (15/11/1914–16/10/1990): A Chronology

NB. Unless otherwise noted, all information comes from the invaluable website dedicated to Jorge Bolet or from unpublished recordings posted on YT. Recording details about anything officially released are taken as much as possible from covers and booklets. Links to the two parts of the Illustrated Discography are given after each released recording on the label’s name (e.g. Decca or Audite). Other links to reviews and sources, but not recordings (except in a few special cases of great rarities), are also given in situ. The most comprehensive discography, including unreleased recordings currently available on YT, may be consulted here. I try to keep it up to date, but it’s hard. Bolet rarities appear and disappear all the time.



·     Nov 15. Born in Havana, Cuba.


·     First concerts in Havana: Chopin’s Etudes in the salon of Mrs Amelia Hoskinson; Mozart’s 20th Concerto with the Havana Symphony under Gonzalo Roig.


·     Sep 4. Last concert in Cuba, “for the benefit of the young Jorge Bolet so that with the receipts he can go to complete his piano studies in the US”. Program: a Prelude (Bach-de Blanck), a study (Henselt), Impromptus (Chopin), a Waltz (Levitzky), a Nocturno (Liszt, probably No. 3 from Liebesträume), Allegro appassionato (Saint-Saëns) and Konzertstück (Weber; Havana Symphony, Gonzalo Roig).

·     Sep 16. Arrives in the US with his sister, Maria, on the SS Governor Cobb from Havana to Key West, Florida.

·     Sep 27. Auditions at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia for Mary Louise Curtis Bok, the founder, Isabelle Vengerova and David Saperton.

·     Oct 6. Second audition at the Curtis Institute for Mrs Bok and Josef Hofmann. Studies with David Saperton until 1934.


·     May 21. Concert (with tenor Fiorenzo Tasso), broadcast on WKRC: Chopin, Fantasy Op. 49; Delibes-Dohnanyi, Naila Waltz. Announcement in the Commercial Tribune, Cincinnati, 21 May 1929.


·     May 26. Recital (students of Mr Saperton’s class), Casimir Hall, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Franck, Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Schulz-Evler, Blue Danube Paraphrase.


·     Apr 24. Recital, Casimir Hall, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Bach-Liszt, Organ Fantasy & Fugue in G minor; Liszt, Waldesrauschen, Dante Sonata; Rachmaninoff, Concerto No. 2 (1 mvt, orchestral part on the second piano for Irene Peckham).

·     May 16. Concerto, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Tchaikovsky No. 1, 1st mvt (Curtis SO, Sylvan Levin).

·     Dec 13. Concert, Casimir Hall, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Arensky, Piano Quintet; with Jacob Brodsky (violin), Leonard Mogill (violin), Ladislaus Steinhardt (viola), Howard Mitchell (cello).


·     Jan. Debut in Carnegie Hall: Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto No. 1 (1st mvt); Curtis SO, Fritz Reiner. Rachmaninoff, Hofmann, Horowitz, Godowsky, Milstein and Zimbalist in the audience.


·     Apr 3. Recital, Teatro Principal de la Comedia, Havana: same program as Graduation recital.

·     Apr 16. Graduation recital at Curtis: Brahms, Handel Variations; Chopin, Nocturne 55/2; Weber, Rondo from Sonata No. 1, Op. 24; Chopin, Sonata No. 3; Rachmaninoff, Preludes 23/6 & 32/12; Prokofiev, Suggestion diabolique; Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase. See also Albert McGrigor, liner notes.


·     Jan 26. Leaves the US for Europe.

·     May 8. Recital, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, Small Hall (European debut): program included De Falla’s Fantasía Bética.

·     May 10. Recital, The Hague, Diligentia Hall.

·     May 31. Recital, London, Aeolian Hall (British debut): Beethoven, Appassionata; Franck, Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Chopin, Etudes 10/11 and 25/11, Ballade No. 1; Liszt, Waldesrauschen; Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase.


·     Mar 21 & 28, Apr 4. Concerts, Madrid, Spain. Beethoven, Concerto No. 5.

·     May 17 – May 24. SS Columbus from Cherbourg to New York City.

·     Summer in Cuba, as usual in those years.

·     Sep 28. Returns to the US.

·     Dec 9. Recital, Casimir Hall, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Bach-Liszt, Fantasy & Fugue in G minor BWV 542; Liszt-Busoni, La Campanella; Liszt, Valse-Impromptu, Waldesrauschen, “Liebestraum” [sic]; Bach-Liszt, Liszt-Busoni and Valse-Impromptu are preserved on record: earliest known recording.


·     Apr. Wins the Naumburg Competition.

·     Oct 19. Recital, Curtis Institute, Philadelphia: Bach-Liszt, Fantasia & Fugue in G minor BWV 542; Schubert, Rondo from Sonata in D major Op. 53; Chopin, Etudes 10/4, 10/11, 25/7 and 25/11, Fantasy Op. 49; Liszt, Sonata; Prokofiev, Suggestion diabolique; Rachmaninoff, Preludes 23/6 and 32/12; Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase.

·     Oct 20. Radio debut, Philadelphia (Live): Program includes Rachmaninoff, Prelude 23/6.

·     Oct 26. Recital, Town Hall, NYC debut; same program as the Curtis recital on Oct 19. Review by Howard Taubman (NYT, Oct 27).


·     Feb 4. Concerto, debut with Philadelphia Orchestra; Rachmaninoff No. 3 (Ormandy).


·     Feb 7. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC.

·     Broadcast, WRA: Liszt, Transcendental Studies Nos. 2, 5, 8.


·     Jan 12. Recital, Auditorio, Havana: Falla, Noches en los jardines de Espana (Havana Philharmonic, Massimo Freccia).

·     Oct 27. Recital, Hempstead, NY (first of three “morning musicales”): Brahms, Intermezzi in A and C; Chopin, 4 Scherzi; Alberniz, El Albaicin; Debussy, Suite (Bergamasque?); US national anthem as an encore in his own transcription.

·     Dec 8. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC. Review in NYT. First of three recitals. Jorge appears in his uniform of a lieutenant from the Cuban Army.

·     Dec 18. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Schubert, Impromptus 90/2 & 142/3; Chopin, 4 Scherzi; De Falla, Cubana, Andaluza; Albeniz, El Albaicin; Godowsky, 3 pieces from Java Suite. Review by Howard Taubman (NYT, Dec 19).


·     Jan 11. Recital, Constitution Hall, Washington debut: Chopin, Scherzo No. 2.

·     Dec 8. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Bach, French Suite E major; Brahms, Handel Variations; Dello Joio, Sonata No. 2; Chopin, Ballade No. 1.


·     Jan 31. Enlists in the US Army. Becomes American citizen after 6 weeks as a private.


·     Apr 25. Concerto (as Lieutenant Bolet), Hibiya Hall, Tokyo: Chopin No. 1 (Nippon Philharmonic).

·     Aug. Conducts The Mikado in Japan.


·     Oct. Recital, NYC. World premiere of Sonata No. 3 by Norman Dello Joio.


·     Apr 11. Recital, Cienfuegos, Cuba: Liszt, Sonata; Chopin, Impromptus; Brahms, Capriccios; Schubert-Godowsky, Rosamunde?; Saint-Saens, Waltz Etude.

·     3 Dec. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Beethoven, Rondo 51/1; Schubert, Sonata A major; Prokofiev, Sonata No. 8; Chopin, Berceuse; Saint-Saens, Waltz Etude.

·     Writes an article “Music: a diplomatic weapon” for CBS.


·     May 17. Inaugural concert, Teatro Sauto, Matanzas, Cuba: Schubert, Sonata D784; Saint-Saens, Waltz Etude.

·     Concerto, New Orleans: Prokofiev No. 2, last played by the composer 20 years ago. Albert McGrigor, liner notes.


·     Feb 15. Concerto: Rachmaninoff No. 3 (Washington National Symphony, Howard Mitchell).

·     Jun 18. Concert for the 150th birthday Washington, DC. JB represents Cuba.

·     Jul 15. Chicago debut: Tchaikovsky, Concerto No. 1 (Grant Park Symphony, Nicolai Malko). Hilarious review by Claudia Cassidy: “I can only tell you that he has a muscular attack, that he plays fast and loud, sometimes with a glittering facility, sometimes with batches of blurs and blotches, and that he gave no evidence of musicianship at all.”

·     Nov 3. Recital, Fort Worth, Texas: Schumann, Symphonic Etudes; Weinberger-Chasins, Schwanda the Bagpiper polka.


·     Feb 4-5. Concerts, Cuba (Havana Philharmonic).

·     Mar. Concerto, NYC: Prokofiev No. 2 (NYP, Mitropoulos).

·     Apr 3. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Mendelssohn, Prelude & Fugue; Beethoven, Sonata 31/2; Schumann, Sonata No. 3; Liszt. Review by Howard Taubman (NYT, Apr 4). Last NYC recital for five years.

·     Jul 22. Concerto: Brahms No. 2 (Chautauqua PO, Franco Autori).


·     Mar 6. Recital, Wisconsin: Schwanda Fantasy in the program.

·     May 4. Concerto, Ann Arbor, Michigan (substitutes for Guiomar Novaes): Beethoven No. 4 (Philadelphia Orchestra, Thor Johnson).

·     Recording, Recital Favorites: Liszt, Funerailles; Beethoven, Andante favori; Mendelssohn, Rondo capriccioso and Hunting Song (19/3); Moszkowski, En automne; Saint-Saens, Waltz Etude (Boston).

·     Recording, Airs of Spain: Lecuona, …y la Negra Bailaba! and Danza de los Ñañigos; Granados, Andaluza; De Falla, Andaluza and Cubana; Albeniz, Prelude, Malagueña and Córdoba (Boston).


·     Feb 7. Arrives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with Pan Am. Tour of South America.

·     Apr 11. First appearance in the Hollywood Bowl.

·     Apr. Recording, Music Hall, Cincinnati: Prokofiev, Concerto No. 2 (Cincinnati Symphony, Thor Johnson; Remington).

·     Concerto: Prokofiev No. 2 (LAPO, Leinsdorf).

·     Recording: Chopin, 4 Scherzi (Remington).


·     Mar 12. Concert, Bailey Hall, Cornell University: Prokofiev, Concerto No. 2 (Rochester Philharmonic, Leinsdorf).

·     Spring. Four-week visit to West Germany with four other American musicians.

·     Jun 3-8. Sailing on Queen Mary from Southampton to NYC.


·     May 26. Leaves by air for concerts in Brazil and Argentina (NYT).

·     May 31. Recital, Teatro Municipal, Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro: Liszt, Sonata; Beethoven, Les Adieux Sonata; Haydn, Andante & Variations; Debussy, Preludes; Prokofiev, Toccata.

·     Jun 28. Flies back to NYC.

·     Dec 18. Recital, Royal Festival Hall, London: Haydn, Sonata E flat; Beethoven, Les Adieux Sonata; Chopin, 4 Scherzi.


·     Dec 4. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Liszt, Sonata; Ginastera, Sonata (1952). Review (NYT, Dec 5).

·     Dec 14. Recital, Auditorium, Havana: Mozart, Fantasia K475; etc.


·     Mar 1. Recital, Chicago: Liszt, Sonata.

·     Jul 31. Concert, Lewisohn Stadium: Rachmaninoff concerto. Review by Harold C. Schonberg in NYT (Aug 1).

·     Oct 16. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Beethoven, 32 Variations; Schubert, B flat Sonata; Liszt, Wilde Jagd, etc. Review by Howard Taubman (NYT, Oct 17).

·     Nov 9. Concerto, Royal Festival Hall, London: Brahms No. 2 (Henry Krips).


·     Jan 16. Concerto, NYC: Beethoven No. 4 (NYP, Bernstein). Replaces Clara Haskil. Review by Howard Taubman (NYT, Jan 17).

·     Sep 15. Concerto, Detroit: Beethoven No. 4 (Paray).

·     Oct 22. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Chopin, 4 Scherzi. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Oct 23).

·     Recording: Liszt, Transcendental Studies Nos. 1-3, 5, 7-11 (RCA).


·     Jan 11. Concerto, Royal Festival Hall, London: Rachmaninoff No. 3 (LSO, Walter Goehr).

·     Aug 22. Recital, London (?): Ginastera, Sonata (1952); Dello Joio, Sonata No. 3.

·     Recording, NYC: Liszt, Transcendental Studies Nos. 1-3, 5, 7-11 (RCA).

·     Concerto, Detroit: Beethoven No. 4 (Detroit Symphony, Paul Paray).


·     Jan 8. Murray Schumachs reports in NYT that Bolet has recorded the soundtrack of Song Without End in the last five weeks (i.e. Dec 1959).

·     Feb 19. Recital, Charlotte Amalie High School auditorium, Virgin Islands.

·     Jun. Recording: Liszt, Concerto No. 1 & Hungarian Fantasy (Symphony of the Air, Robert Irving; Everest).

·     Aug 12. Concerto, Lenox, Mass.: Liszt No. 1. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Aug 13).

·     Broadcast, Berlin: Liszt, Transcendental Studies Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12.  


·     Feb 10. Concert, Rogers Auditorium, NYC: Chopin, 4 Ballades. Review by Raymond Ericson (NYT, Feb 11).

·     Mar. Recording, Belock Recording Studios, NYC: Liszt, Mephisto Waltz No. 1 & Sonata (Everest).

·     Mar 3. Concerto, NBC Studios, NYC: Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue (Bell Telephone Hour Orchestra, Paul Whiteman). Video recording in colour.

·     Mar 25. Concerto: Beethoven No. 4 (LSO, Mackerras).

·     May 26 – Jun 19. Tour of Poland, 10 concerts (8 with orchestra + 2 solo recitals) in 6 cities.

·     Oct 2. Radio recording, Berlin: Grieg, Ballade (abridged); Debussy, Images II & Masques (Audite).

·     Oct 25. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Liszt, Sonata. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Oct 26).

·     Recording: Chopin Recital, Polonaises 40/1 & 53, Waltzes 64/1-2, Etude 10/3, 10/5 & 10/12, Prelude 28/15, Nocturne 9/2 and Fantaisie-Impromptu (Everest)


·     Mar 22. Radio recording, Berlin: Liszt, Transcendental Studies Nos. 1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 12; Chopin, Waltz 64/1, Etude 10/5; Moszkowski, En automne; Saint-Saens-Godowsky, The Swan; Godowsky, Le Salon; Schumann-Liszt, Widmung  (Audite).

·     Mar 26. Radio recording, Berlin: Franck, Prelude, Aria & Final (Audite).

·     May 29. Recital, Royal Festival Hall, London: Beethoven, Appassionata; Liszt, Sonata; Chopin, Sonata No. 3.

·     Nov 1. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC. 25th anniversary of Jorge’s Carnegie Hall debut. Announcement in NYT.

·     Nov 16. Video recording, BBC studio, London: Liszt, Grand Galop chromatique; Chopin, Berceuse; Albeniz, Triana.


·     Feb 5-7. Concerto: Prokofiev No. 2 (Berliner Philharmoniker, Witold Rowicki).

·     Feb 21. Radio recording, Berlin: Chopin, Impromptu No. 3 (Marston) & Fantasy-Impromptu (Marston, Audite); Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase (Audite).

·     Mar 15. Radio recording, Berlin: Liszt, “Swiss Year”, Nos. 1-6 (Audite).

·     Jun 11. Recital, Las Palmas, Canary Islands: Beethoven, Sonata No. 31; Brahms, Handel Variations; Liszt, Transcendental Studies.

·     Jun 24. Concerto, debut in Glasgow, Kelvin Hall: Tchaikovsky No. 1.


·     Mar 9. Radio recording, Berlin: Liszt, Rapsodie espagnole; Chopin, 4 Impromptus; Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase (Audite).

·     Mar 11. Radio recording, Berlin: Schumann, Sonata No. 3 (Audite).

·     Aug 4. Recital, Tanglewood: Beethoven, Sonata No. 31; Liszt, Transcendental Studies; encores: Saint-Saens, The Swan; Verdi-Liszt, Rigoletto; Schumann-Liszt, Widmung.

·     Sep 12 – Oct 8. Tour of New Zealand.

·     Oct – Nov. Tour of South Africa.

·     Oct 22. Concerto: Liszt No. 1 & Hungarian Fantasia (Cape Town Municipal Orchestra, Peter Erös).

·     Concerto: R. Strauss, Parergon on Sinfonia Domestica; Liszt, Ruins of Athens Fantasy (Boston Symphony, Leinsdorf).


·     Mar. Begins 14-week tour of Australia.

·     May 12. Recital, Sydney: Haydn, Sonata; Chopin, 4 Ballades.

·     Oct 22. Concerto, Philharmonic Hall, NYC: Mozart No. ? (Festival Orchestra of NY, Thomas Dunn). Review by Allen Hughes (NYT, Oct 23).


·     Jan 5. Radio recording, Berlin: Liszt, 3 Liebesträume; Debussy, Preludes, Book I, Nos. 1, 9, 10, 12 and Book II, Nos. 6-8, 12 (Audite).

·     Jan 6. Radio recording, Berlin: Rachmaninoff, Preludes 23/10, 32/7, 32/12, 32/6 (Marston).

·     Aug 19. Concert, Lenox, Mass., Berkshire Festival: Liszt program. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Aug 20).

·     Sep. Concerto, San Sebastian, Spain: Rachmaninoff No. 2. Lives on the northern coast of Spain at the time, Fuenterrabia or thereabouts.

·     Dec 2. Radio recording, Berlin: Chopin, Polonaises 40/1-2, 53; Schumann-Liszt, Frühlingsnacht (Audite).


·     Apr 28. Concerto, Teatro Pérez Galdós, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (replacing Aldo Ciccolini): Rachmaninoff No. 2 (Orquesta Sinfónica de la RTV Española, Enrique García Asensio).

·     Oct 24. Concerto, United Nations, NYC: Beethoven, Fantasia for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra (Rutgers University Choir, Vienna Symphony, Sawallisch).

·     Oct 29. Recital: Liszt, Transcendental Studies. Review (NYT, Oct 30).


·     Apr 4. Concerto: Mozart No. 15 (Bavarian Radio, Jan Koetsier).

·     Apr 24. Radio recording, Berlin: Chopin, 12 Etudes Op. 25 (Audite).

·     Jul 26. Concerto: Weber, Konzertstück (BSO, Leinsdorf).

·     Sep. Becomes Professor of Music at the Indiana University (until 1977).

·     Recording, Casino del l’Aliança del Poblenou, Barcelona: Tchaikovsky, Piano Trio (with Victor Martin, violin & Marco Scano, cello; Ensayo).


·     Oct 29. Recital, Berlin: Liszt, Sonata.

·     Recording, Casino del l’Aliança del Poblenou, Barcelona: Liszt Transcriptions; Die Forelle and Horch, horch, die Lerch (Schubert); Meine Freuden and Mädchens Wunsch (Chopin); Widmung and Frühlingsnacht (Schumann); Liebesträume No. 3 (Liszt); Lucia (Donizetti); Spinner-Lied (Wagner); Rigoletto (Verdi) (Ensayo).

·     Concerto, Bloomington, Indiana: Rachmaninoff No. 3 (Indiana University Symphony Orchestra; Palexa).


·     Feb 14. Concerto: Liszt No. 1; Tchaikovsky No. 1 (Alberto Bolet, JB’s brother, conducting).

·     Oct 3. Hunter College, NYC: Liszt, Lucia & Rigoletto. Together with nine other pianists, including Larrocha, Wild, Novaes and Lewenthal.

·     Recording, Casino del l’Aliança del Poblenou, Barcelona: Liszt, Transcendental Studies (Ensayo).


·     Mar 3. Radio recording, Berlin: Chopin, Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise (Audite).

·     Aug 11. Recital, Bloomington, Indiana: Chopin, Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise (Marston).

·     May 19. Concerto: Sgambati G minor (Butler University, Jorge Mester).

·     Sep 21. Concerto: Liszt, Totentanz (NYPO, Boulez).

·     Nov 15. Recital, Lincoln Center, NYC: Liszt, Grand Galop chromatique (pre-concert recital).

·     Nov 30. Concerto, Berlin: Liszt No. 1 (Berlin Radio Symphony, Lawrence Foster; Audite).

·     Dec 1. Concerto: Sgambati G minor (Berlin Radio Symphony).

·     Concerto: Prokofiev No. 2 (American Symphony Orchestra, Stokowski).


·     Jan 5. Recital, NYC: Chopin, Ballade No. 4; etc.

·     Feb 2. Recital, Alice Tully Hall, NYC: Chopin. 4 Ballades; Liszt, Sonata.

·     Mar. Recording: Prokofiev, Concertos Nos. 2 & 3; Sgambati, Concerto G minor, Op. 15 (Nuremberg Symphony, Ainslee Cox; Genesis).

·     Jul 19. Recital, Indiana University, Bloomington: Brahms, Sonata No. 3; Franck, Prelude, Aria & Final; Liszt, Gnomenreigen, Waldesrauschen, Rapsodie espagnole, Consolation No. 3; Mendelssohn, Hunting Song; Schumann-Liszt, Widmung; Liszt, La Campanella & Liebesträume No. 3.

·     Aug 1. Concerto, Central Park Sheep Meadow, NYC: Liszt No. 1 (NYP, Jean Martinon).

·     Aug 22-24. Recording, RCA Studio A, NYC: Liszt, Un sospiro, Liebesträume No. 3, Gnomenreigen, Funerailles, La Campanella, Waldesrauschen, Grand Galop chromatique, Rapsodie espagnole (RCA, Bolet Rediscovered).


·     Jan 28. Recital, Hunter College, NYC: Chopin, 4 Scherzi (Marston); Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser; encores: Schumann-Liszt, Widmung; Verdi-Liszt, Rigoletto; Schubert-Liszt, Auf dem Wasser zu singen.

·     Jul 16. Recording, RCA Studios, NYC: Rachmaninoff, transcriptions; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser (RCA, Bolet Rediscovered)

·     Oct 8. Radio recording, Berlin: Chopin, Fantasy Op. 49; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets 47, 104, 123; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser (Audite).

·     Dec 8. Concerto, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC: Beethoven No. 3 (Musica Aeterna, Frederic Waldman).


·     Jan 23. Concerto, Victoria Hall, Geneva: Prokofiev No. 2 (Suisse Romande, Sawallisch).

·     Feb 25. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Bach-Busoni, Chaconnne; Chopin, 24 Preludes; Strauss-Schulz-Evler, Blue Danube Paraphrase; Strauss-Tausig, Man lebt nur einmal & Nachtfalter; Liszt-Wagner, Tannhäuser (PHILIPS, Great Pianists of the 20th Century). Review by Mel Taub (NYT, Feb 27).

·     Mar 11. Recital, Van Wezel Hall, Sarasota, Florida: Chopin, Sonata No. 3; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser; Strauss-Schulz-Evler, Blue Danube Paraphrase.

·     Mar 20. Recital, Town Hall, NYC; violin sonatas (with Ruggiero Ricci): Brahms G major; Faure A major; R. Strauss, E flat. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Mar 21).

·     Apr 7. Recital, NYC: Chopin, Barcarolle & Nocturne 55/1 (Marston); Beethoven, Sonata No. 17.

·     Aug 9. Recital, Tawes Theater, University of Maryland: Chopin, Preludes; Bach-Busoni, Chaconne; Strauss-Tausig, Man lebt nur einmal, Nachtfalter; Strauss-Schulz-Evler, Blue Danube Paraphrase; encores: Chopin, Nocturne 55/1, Etude 25/1, Kreisler-Rachmaninoff, Liebesfreud.

·     Oct 28. Recital, NYC. Review by Donald Henahan (NYT, Oct 29).

·     Dec 3. Concerto, Berlin: Beethoven No. 5 (Berlin Radio Symphony, Moshe Atzmon; Audite).


·     Mar 19. Concerto, Alice Tully Hall, NYC: Hummel, Concerto in A-flat Op. 113. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Mar 20).

·     Apr 23. Recital, Butler University, Indianapolis: Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase.

·     Apr 30. Concerto, Victoria Hall, Geneva: Brahms No. 2 (Suisse Romande, Silvio Varviso).

·     May 19. Radio recording, Saal 2, WDR, Cologne: Godowsky, Fledermaus Paraphrase (Marston).

·     Nov 9. Recital, NYC: Chopin, Polonaises Op. 26; Chopin-Liszt, My Joys (Marston).


·     Jan 10 – 15 Feb. Tour of South Africa.

·     Mar 7. Recital, Pasadena, California: Reger, Telemann Variations; Chopin, Polonaises 26/1-2 & 44; Liszt, Three Concert Studies, Don Juan; encores (including Strauss-Tausig Nachtfalter).

·     May 14, 19, 20, 21 & 22. Recitals in Japan.


·     Feb 17. Recital, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Reger, Telemann Variations; Haydn, Sonata E flat; Liszt, Don Juan. Peter Wadland spots JB and promptly signs him for Decca.

·     Jul 4-11. Tour of Mexico.

·     Jul 4. Recital, Bellas Artes, Mexico City: Haydn, Sonata E flat; Schumann, Carnaval; Liszt, Petrach Sonnets & Don Juan.

·      Oct 2. Recital, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Beethoven, Appassionata; Schumann, Carnaval; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets & Dante Sonata; encores: Chopin, Nocturne 27/2; Chopin-Godowsky, 3 studies & 1 waltz.

·     Oct 3-4. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Godowsky, Chopin Waltzes & Etudes (Decca).

·     Oct 21-23. Concerto, Brooklyn Academy of Music: Tchaikovsky No. 1 (Brooklyn Philharmonia, Lukas Foss).

·     Nov 20. Recital, Metropolitan Museum, NYC: Liszt, Trascendental Studies, Consolation No. 3, Funerailles. Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Nov 21).


·     Mar. Concerto, Karlsruhe: Rachmaninoff, Paganini Rhapsody (Badische Staatskapelle).

·     Jul. Tour of Brazil.

·     Jul 6. Recital, Sala Cecilia Meireles, Largo do Lapa: Liszt, Transcendental Studies, Funerailles.

·     Jul 7. Recital, Palacio Boa Vista, Campos do Jordão: Liszt, Consolations Nos. 1 & 2, Sonata, Petrarch Sonnets, Don Juan.

·     Jul 10 & 12. Recitals, Sao Paulo.

·     Jul 13-16. Concerts in Buenos Aires.

·     Jul 18, 20 & 21. Masterclasses in Mexico City.

·     Dec. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Liszt, 5 Concert Etudes & Don Juan (Decca)

·     Recital, De Bilt, The Netherlands: Chopin, Impromptu No. 1, Waltzes 64/1 & No. 14 (Marston).

·     Concerto, Cleveland: Brahms No. 2 (Cleveland Orchestra, Jerzy Semkow).


·     Aug. Recital, Maryland: Brahms, 7 Fantasias; etc.

·     Oct. Recording: Liszt, Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (Rochester Symphony, David Zinman; VOX)


·     Mar. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Brahms & Reger, variations (Decca)

·     Apr 19. Concert, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Weber Paraphrase? Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, Apr 20).

·     Apr 30. Concerto, Alice Tully Hall, NYC: Liszt Nos. 1 & 2 (Musica Aeterna Orchestra, Frederic Waldman). Review by Harold C. Schonberg (NYT, May 1).

·     Aug 25. Recital, Freemasons Hall, Edinburgh: Brahms, Handel Variations; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnet 123; Weber-Godowsky, Invitation to the Dance.

·     Sep 28. Concerto, Brighton, England: Tchaikovsky No. 1.

·     Oct 2. Concerto & Recital, Hamburg: Tchaikovsky No. 1; Chopin, Sonata No. 2; Schumann, Carnaval; Mendelssohn, Songs without words.

·     Oct 22. Budapest. Award from the Liszt Society for the disc with Don Juan and Concert Studies (1978).

·     Nov 15-16. Concerto, Vancouver, Canada: Brahms No. 2.

·     Nov 24. Masterclasses, Northern College, Manchester, England.

·     Nov 25. Recital, Manchester: Haydn, Sonata E flat; Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 & Sonata; Brahms, Handel Variations.

·     Nov 28? Recital, Amsterdam: Chopin, Nocturne 27/2 (Marston).

·     Dec 2. Recital, St Margaret’s Church, Twickenham, London: Chopin, 4 Scherzi; Liszt, Sonata & Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12.

·     Dec 11. Recital, Hamburg: Haydn, Variations F minor; Brahms, Handel Variations; Liszt, Sonata & Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12.

·     Dec 14. Recital, Chicago.

·     Recital, Queen’s University Festival, Belfast: Brahms, Sonata No. 3; etc.


·     Mar 24. Recital, Hamburg: Beethoven, Sonata No. 31; Reger, Telemann Variations; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets & Don Juan.  

·     Apr 13. Concerto, Avery Fisher Hall, NYC: Beethoven No. 5 (Gewandhaus, Masur). Review by Bernard Holland (NYT, Apr 14).

·     Jul 11-28. Tour of Australia: Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth.

·     Aug. Recital, Sydney Opera House.

·     Oct 18. Concerto, Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: Rachmaninoff No. 2 (Hugo Jan Huss)

·     Nov 20. Santo Domingo, Dominica Republic: recital or concerto?

·     Nov. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Schubert-Liszt, Die Forelle, Der Müller und der Bach, Wohin?, Lebe wohl!, Das Wandern, Der Lindenbaum, Horch, horch, die Lerch, Auf dem Wasser zu singen, Die Post, Aufenthalt, Lob der Tränen, Erlkönig (Decca)


·     Jan 5. Concert, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Franck, Quintet for Piano and Strings; Chausson, Concert for Violin, Piano and String Quartet (Itzhak Perlman, Juilliard Quartet). Review by Donald Henahan (NYT, Jan 6).

·     Feb 24. Recital, Wigmore Hall, London.

·     Feb & Sep. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12, La Campanella, Rigoletto, Funerailles, Mephisto Waltz No. 1, Liebesträume No. 3 (Decca).

·     Mar 19. Concerto, Hamburg: Franck, Symphonic Variations (NDR Orchestra, Ferdinand Leitner).

·     May 21. Recital, City Hall, Perth, Scotland: Liszt, Schubert, Chopin.

·     May 24. Recital, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Schumann, Fantasy; etc.

·     Aug 28. Concerto, Glasgow: Concerto unknown (Scottish National, Alexander Gibson).

·     Aug 30. Concerto, Bavarian Radio: Marx, Romantic Concerto (Bavarian Radio, Janowski).

·     Sep. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Liszt, Sonata, Italian Year, Valse Impromptu, 3 Liebesträume & Grand Galop chromatique  (Decca).

·     Sep. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Rachmaninoff, Concerto No. 3  (LSO, Ivan Fischer; Decca).

·     Dec 19. Concerto, Berlin: Liszt No. 2 (Berlin Radio Symphony, Edo de Waart; Audite).


·     Jan 8. Recital, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC: Haydn, Variations F minor & Sonata E flat; Brahms, Handel Variations; Liszt, Sonata & Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12. Review by John Rockwell (NYT, Jan 9).

·     Feb 28. Recital, St John’s, Smith Square, London: Mendelssohn, Fantasy Op. 28; Chopin, Sonata No. 3; Kreisler/Rachmaninoff, Liebesleid & Liebesfreud.

·     Mar. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Liszt, Swiss Year (Decca).

·     Jul 29. Recital, Cine Teatro Embaixador, Gramado Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

·     Sep 19. Recital, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Liszt, Venezia e Napoli; etc.

·     Sep. Recording, Kingsway Hall, London: Liszt, Venezia e Napoli, Le jeux d’eau, Benediction & Ballade No. 2 (Decca).

·     Interview & performances with Robin Ray (video). Liszt, Grand Galop chromatique; etc.


·     Feb 4. Concert, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC: Brahms, Sonata in F minor & Intermezzi Op. 117; Rachmaninoff, Chopin Variations; Liszt, Venezia e Napoli. Review by Bernard Holland (NYT, Feb 5).

·     Mar 7 & 9. Recording, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London: Liszt, Totentanz, Malediction & Hungarian Fantasy (LSO, Ivan Fischer; Decca).

·     Apr 14. Concerto (Czech Philharmonic, Jiri Belohlavek).

·     Jul 8. Recital, Quebec City, Canada.

·     Jul 14. Recital, Cheltenham, England: Liszt, 6 Consolations; etc.

·     Jul 16-17. Recitals, London: Liszt, Benediction; Chopin, Sonata No. 3. BBC broadcast.

·     Nov 10. Concerto, Usher Hall, Edinburgh: Rachmaninoff No. 2 (BBC Scottish, Berglund). Part from a BBC masterclass.

·     Nov 16. 70th Birthday Recital, Metropolitan Museum, NYC: Debussy, 12 Preludes; Chopin, Preludes; encores: Chopin, Nocturne 55/1, Moszkowski, La jongleuse; Chopin, Waltz E minor.

·     Nov 21. Recital, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC: Chopin & Debussy, preludes. Review by Tim Page (NYT, Nov 22).

·     Nov 28. Concerto, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Franck, Symphonic Variations; Weber, Konzertstück (Philadelphia Orchestra, Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos). Review by Allen Hughes (NYT, Nov 29).


·     Jan 29. Recital, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Debussy, Preludes; Chopin, Preludes & Ballade No. 3.     

·     Mar. Recording, St Barnabas’ Church, London: Liszt, Transcendental Studies & Consolations; Chopin, Nocturnes 9/2 & 15/2 (Decca).

·     May 5. Recital, Kennedy Center, Washington: Schubert-Liszt, Lieder.

·     May. Recording, Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin: Grieg & Schumann, Concertos (Berlin Radio Symphony, Chailly; Decca).

·     Jul 17 & 20. Concerto, Sydney Opera House (Sydney Symphony Orchestra).

·     Aug 8. Recital, Sydney Opera House: Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2; Bach-Busoni, Partita No. 2; Chopin, Preludes; Liszt, Valse Impromptu; Rachmaninoff, Chopin Variations.

·     Nov 3. Recital, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Chopin, Sonata No. 3 (Marston).

·     Dec 1. Recital, London: Schumann, Carnaval.

·     Dec. Recording, St Barnabas’ Church, London: Chopin, Waltzes 64/1 & No. 14, Etudes 25/1, 2, 11 + Encores by Albeniz, Bizet, Godowsky, Strauss, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Moszkowski (Decca).

·     Concerto, Liverpool: Rachmaninoff No. 3 (RLPO, Janowski).


·     Jan. Recording, St Barnabas’ Church, London: Rachmaninoff, Chopin Variations; Schumann, Carnaval & Fantasie (Decca).

·     Feb 11. Leaves Curtis Institute.

·     Mar 26. Recital, Philadelphia: Grieg, Brahms (Ballades), Liszt, Chopin.

·     Apr 3. Recital, Carnegie Hall, NYC: Grieg, Ballade; Brahms, Ballades Op. 10; Chopin, 4 Ballades. Announcement by C. Gerald Fraser in NYT.

·     Apr. Recording, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam: Franck, Symphonic Variations (Concertgebouw, Chailly; Decca).

·     Jul. Recording, London: Schubert-Liszt, Wanderer-Fantasie (London Philharmonic, Solti; Decca).

·     Aug 15. Recital, La Roque d’Anthéron, France: Liszt.

·     Sep. Recording, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London: Chopin, 4 Ballades, Barcarolle & Fantasy Op. 49 (Decca).

·     Nov. Recital, London: Grieg, Ballade.

·     Nov 28. Concerto, London: Brahms No. 2 (Dorati).

·     Dec 1. Recital, Avery Fisher Hall, NYC: Liszt, Venezia e Napoli; Schumann, Fantasie; Grieg, Ballade; Haydn, Variations F minor & Sonata E flat. Replacing Martha Argerich. Review by Will Crutchfield (NYT, Dec 2).


·     Jan 5. Announcement to perform Liszt’s First Concerto & Fantasy with St Luke’s Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

·     Jan. Recording, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London: Rachmaninoff, Liebesleid, Liebesfreud, Preludes 3/2, 23/5, 23/10, 32/7 & 32/12, Melodie 3/3 (Decca).

·     Mar 24. Recital, Melbourne Concert Hall: Haydn, Variations F minor & Sonata E flat; Schumann, Fantasy; Liszt, Venezia e Napoli; Grieg, Ballade.

·     Mar? Video recording: Ripponlea House, Melbourne: Chopin, Ballades 1 & 4, Nocturnes 55/1 & 15/2; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets 104 & 123, Venezia e Napoli.

·     Apr 19. Recital, Georgia-Pacific Center Auditorium, Atlanta: Chopin, 4 Ballades; Liszt, Ballade No.2 (DVD, The Virtuoso Pianist).

·     Apr 20. Recital, Georgia-Pacific Center Auditorium, Atlanta: Chopin, Ballades 1-4; Liszt, Bénédiction, Dante Sonata, Venezia e Napoli, Petrarch Sonnet 104; Franck, Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Chopin, Nocturne 15/2; Godowsky, Left Hand Elegy; Moszkowski, La jongleusse; Albeniz-Godowsky, Tango (DVD, The Virtuoso Pianist).

·     Apr. Recital, Metropolitan Museum, NYC: Chopin, 4 Ballades; Liszt, Petrarch Sonnets & Dante Sonata; encores: Bizet-Godowsky, Adagietto; Chopin, Nocturne 55/1; Godowsky, Elegy.

·     May. Recording, St Eustache, Montreal: Rachmaninoff, Concerto No. 2; Tchaikovsky, Concerto No. 1 (Montreal Symphony, Dutoit; Decca)

·     Jun. Recording, St Barnabas’ Church, London: Chopin, 24 Preludes & Nocturnes Opp. 27/1-2, 55/1, 62 (Decca)

·     Aug 22. Concerto: Mozart No. ? (Gerard Schwarz).

·     Nov. Concerto, Montreal: Rachmaninoff No. 2 (Montreal, Dutoit).

·     Fall. Concerts, NYC: Grieg, Concerto (NYP).

·     Recital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Chopin, Nocturnes 9/3 & 15/2 (Marston).

·     Recital, St John’s, London: Grieg, Ballade; etc.


·     Feb. Recording, Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London: Franck, Prelude, Aria & Finale and Prelude, Chorale & Fugue (Decca).

·     Mar 4. Recital, Carnegie Hall, New York: Mendelssohn, Prelude & Fugue, Rondo Capriccioso; Beethoven, Appassionata; Franck, Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Liszt, Norma. Review by Michael Kimmelman (NYT, Mar 6).

·     Mar 13. Recital, Royal Festival Hall, London: Beethoven, Sonata No. 31; Liszt, Norma.

·     Apr 4. Recital, Carolyn Blount Theater, Montgomery, Alabama, USA: Mendelssohn, Prelude & Fugue; Franck, Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Liszt, Norma (Decca).

·     May 14. Recital, Schwetzingen, Germany: Mendelssohn, Prelude & Fugue, Rondo Capriccioso; Beethoven, Appassionata; Liszt, Norma; encores: Godowsky, Left Hand Elegy; Moszkowski, La jongleusse; Godowsky, Le Salon (Hänssler).

·     Jun 9. Recital, Ascona, Switzerland: Liszt, Benediction; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser; Schubert, Sonata D. 959; Schubert-Liszt, Der Müller und der Bach, Auf dem Wasser zu singen, Lebe Wohl!; Schubert, Sonata D959.

·     Jun 23. Recital, Attaturk Cultural Center, Istanbul.

·     Jun 25. Recital, Mesley, France. Replaces Claudio Arrau.

·     Sep. Recording, Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco: Debussy, 16 preludes (Decca).

·     Oct 5. Concerto, Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco: Chopin No. 1.

·     Dec. HIV diagnosis. Liner notes by Francis Crociata.


·     Jan 5. Last London recital.

·     Jan 12. Cancels recital at the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts due to ill health. Announcement in NYT.

·     Feb. Recording, St Barnabas’ Church, London: Schubert, Sonatas D784 & D959 (Decca).

·     Apr 16. Last recital in NYC, Carnegie Hall: Liszt, Benediction; Schubert, Sonata D959; Schubert-Liszt, Der Muller und der Bach, Auf Wasser zu singen, Lebe wohl, Die Forelle; Wagner-Liszt, Tannhäuser Overture.

·     May 25-26. Recording, St Eustache, Montreal: Chopin, Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (Montreal Symphony, Dutoit; Decca). Last studio recording to be released.

·     Jun 8. Last recital, Philharmonie, Berlin.

·     Dec 7. Cancels recital due to illness. Cherkassky fills in.

·     Records Chopin’s Second and Third Sonata in California (Decca). Never released. Albert McGrigor, liner notes.


·     Oct 16. Dies at his home, Mountain View, California.

·     Oct 17. Obituary in NYT by Harold C. Schonberg.