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ToC: The Collected Works of William Hazlitt (1902-04, 12 vols., eds. A. R. Waller & Arnold Glover)

The Collected Works of William Hazlitt

Edited by A. R. Waller and Arnold Glover

With an Introduction by W. E. Henley

London: J. M. Dent & Co. / McClure Phillips & Co.: New York, 1902-04.
12 vols.

First published thus, 1902-04.

Vol. 1: xxxiv+460 pp. Introduction by William Ernest Henley [vii-xxv]. Editors’ Preface [xxvii-xxviii]. Notes [415-60].
Vol. 2: 441 pp. Notes [421-41].
Vol. 3: 467 pp. Notes [429-67].
Vol. 4: 432 pp. Notes [397-432].
Vol. 5: 414 pp. Notes [381-414].
Vol. 6: 523 pp. Notes [467-523].
Vol. 7: 517 pp. Notes [477-517].
Vol. 8: 561 pp. Notes [487-548]. Appendix [551-61].
Vol. 9: 491 pp. Notes [437-85]. Appendix [487-91].
Vol. 10: 434 pp. Notes [401-34].
Vol. 11: xi+611 pp. Bibliographical Note [v-viii]. Notes [561-611].
Vol. 12: viii+515 pp. Bibliographical Note [v-vi]. Notes, Addenda to Notes [471-507]. Index to the Titles of Hazlitt’s Writings [508-15].

[In square brackets: relevant bibliographical information from the editors’ Notes. Used abbreviations: major works: EPHA = An Essay on the Principles of Human Action (1805, 1836); FTPA = Free Thoughts on Public Affairs (1806); ARM = A Reply to the Essay on Population, by the Rev. T. R. Malthus (1807); EBS = The Eloquence of the British Senate (1807), ed. WH; RT = The Round Table (1817, 1871); CSP = Characters of Shakespear’s Plays (1817); AVES = A View of the English Stage (1818); LECW = Lectures on the English Comic Writers (1818); LEP = Lectures on the English Poets (1818); PE = Political Essays (1819); TT = Table Talk (1821-22), 2 vols.; SPP = Sketches of the Principal Picture-Galleries in England (1824); SA = The Spirit of the Age (1825); PS = The Plain Speaker (1826), 2 vols.; edited by WH’s son: LR = Literary Remains (1836), SE = Sketches and Essays (1839), W = Winterslow (1839), CA = Criticisms on Art (1843-4); others: EC = Essayist and Critic (1889), ed. Alexander Ireland; EFA = Essays on the Fine Arts (1873), ed. WH’s grandson.]

The Round Table
[1817, 1st edn., 2 vols., 52 essays, 12 of them by Leigh Hunt; 1841, 3rd edn., 1 vol., ed. WH’s son, many omissions, some additions; 1871, ed. WH’s grandson, omissions restored; Hunt’s essays are omitted here; all essays first published in The Examiner unless otherwise noted.]

Bibliographical Note

Advertisement to the Edition of 1817 [Jan 5 1817]

On the Love of Life [15 Jan 1815, “The Round Table” No. 1]
On Classical Education [12 Feb 1815, “The Round Table” No. 7; first 3 paragraphs from Morning Chronicle, 25 Sep 1813]
On the Tatler [5 Mar 1815, “The Round Table” No. 10; LECW, V, largely the same]
On Modern Comedy [20 Aug 1815, “Theatrical Examiner”; LECW, VIII, largely the same; originally a letter to Morning Chronicle, 25 Sep 1813]
On Mr. Kean’s lago [24 Jul 1814, a few alterations; repr. in AVES, used also in CSP]
On the Love of the Country [27 Nov 1814, “Commonplaces” No. 3; used in LEP, V.]
On Posthumous Fame. Whether Shakspeare was influenced by a Love of it? [22 May 1814]
On Hogarth’s Marriage a-la-mode [5 Jun 1814, subst. repr. in LECW, VII, and SPP]
The Subject continued [19 Jun 1814, subst. repr. in LECW, VII, and SPP]
On Milton’s Lycidas [6 Aug 1815, “The Round Table” No. 15]
On Milton’s Versification [20 Aug 1815, “The Round Table” No. 1; used in LEP, III]
On Manner [27 Aug & 3 Sep 1815, “The Round Table” Nos. 17 & 18 (abridged); W: No. 18 as “Matter and Manner”; see also vol. 11]
On the Tendency of Sects [10 Sep 1815, “The Round Table” No. 19]
On John Buncle [17 Sep 1815, “The Round Table” No. 20]
On the Causes of Methodism [22 Oct 1815, “The Round Table” No. 22]
On the Midsummer Night’s Dream [26 Nov 1815, “The Round Table” No. 26; subst. repr. in CSP]
On the Beggar’s Opera [18 Jun 1815]
On Patriotism – A Fragment [5 Jan 1814, Morning Chronicle, from “Illustrations of Vetus”; PE]
On Beauty [4 Feb 1816, “The Round Table” No. 29, signed “An Amateur”]
On Imitation [18 Feb 1816, “The Round Table” No. 30]
On Gusto [26 May 1816, “The Round Table” No. 40]
On Pedantry [3 Mar 1816, “The Round Table” No. 32]
The same Subject continued [10 Mar 1816, “The Round Table” No. 33]
On the Character of Rousseau [14 Apr 1816, “The Round Table” No. 36]
On Different Sorts of Fame [21 Apr 1816, “The Round Table” No. 37]
Character of John Bull [19 May 1816, “The Round Table” No. 39]
On Good-Nature [9 Jun 1816, “The Round Table” No. 41]
On the Character of Milton’s Eve [21 Jul 1816; “The Round Table” No. 42, occasional passages from No. 43; used in CSP, “Cymbeline”, “Othello”, “Winter’s Tale”]
Observations on Mr. Wordsworth's Poem The Excursion [21 & 28 Aug 1814]
The same Subject continued [2 Oct 1814]
Character of the late Mr. Pitt [written in 1806; FTPA, EBS, PE, W]
On Religious Hypocrisy [9 Oct 1814, “Commonplaces” No. 1]
On the Literary Character [28 Oct 1813, Morning Chronicle, “Baron Grimm and the Edinburgh reviewers”, repr. with some omissions]
On Common-place Critics [24 Nov 1816, “The Round Table” No. 47]
On the Catalogue Raisonné of the British Institution [10 Nov 1816, “Literary Notices”, considerable variations; CA]
The same Subject continued [10 & 17 Nov 1816, “Literary Notices”, considerable variations; CA; see also vol. 9]
On Poetical Versatility [22 Dec 1816, The Examiner, “Illustrations of the Times”, fragment; PE, see vol. 3]
On Actors and Acting [5 Jan 1817, based on “The Round Table” No. 48]
On the Same [5 Jan 1817, based on “The Round Table” No. 48; 1st par. based on criticism of Kean’s Sir Giles Overreach, see vol. 8]
Why the Arts are not Progressive? – A Fragment [11 & 15 Jan 1814, Morning Chronicle; 11 Sep 1814, The Champion, “Fine Arts. Whether they are promoted by Academies and Public Institutions”; used in “Fine Arts”, Encyclopaedia Britannica; see vol. 9]

Characters of Shakespear’s Plays
[1817, 1st edn.; 1818, 2nd edn., several alterations; 1818, pirate American edition (Boston).]

Bibliographical Note

Julius Caesar
Timon of Athens
Troilus and Cressida
Antony and Cleopatra
The Tempest
The Midsummer Night's Dream
Romeo and Juliet
Richard II
Henry IV. in Two Parts
Henry V. 
Henry VI. in Three Parts
Richard III.
Henry VIII
King John
Twelfth Night or, What You Will
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Merchant of Venice
The Winter's Tale
All's Well that Ends Well
Love’s Labour’s Lost
Much Ado About Nothing
As You Like It
The Taming of the Shrew
Measure for Measure
The Merry Wives of Windsor
The Comedy of Errors
Doubtful Plays of Shakespear
Poems and Sonnets

A Letter to William Gifford, Esq.
[1819, 1st edn.; 1820, 2nd edn., unsold copies of the 1st with a new title page.]


Memoirs of the Late Thomas Holcroft
[1816, 1st edn., edited and partly written by WH]

Bibliographical Note

Advertisement [Jan 1810]

Liber Amoris, or The New Pygmalion
[1823, 1st edn.]

Bibliographical Note

Part I
The Picture
The Invitation
The Message
The Flageolet
The Confession
The Quarrel
The Reconciliation
Letters to the same
To the same
Written in a Blank Leaf of Endymion
A Proposal of Love (Given to her in our early acquaintance)
Part II
Letters to C. P---, Esq.
Letters II - VIII
To Edinburgh
A Thought
Letters IX - XI
To S. L.
Letter XII. To C. P. --
Unaltered Love
Perfect Love
From C. P., Esq.
Letter XIII
Letter the Last
Part III
Addressed to J. S. K---
To the same (in continuation)
To the same (in conclusion)

Characteristics: in the manner of Rochefoucauld’s maxims
[1823, 1st edn., anonymous; 1837, 2nd edn., “By William Hazlitt”, ed. R. H. Horne]

Bibliographical Note



Free Thoughts on Public Affairs:
In a Letter Addressed to a Member of the Old Opposition
[1806, 1st edn., self-published pamphlet; 1885, Bohn’s Library, ed. WH’s grandson, reprints the author’s own copy.]

Political Essays
[1819, 1st edn.; 1822, 2nd edn., probably a mere re-issue; all essays first appeared in The Morning Chronicle unless otherwise noted]

Bibliographical Note

The Marquis Wellesley [13 Apr 1813]
Mr. Southey, Poet Laureat [18 Sep 1813]
Mr. Southey's New Year's Ode [8 Jan 1814]
Dottrel-catching [27 Jan 1814]
The Bourbons and Buonaparte [6 Dec 1813]
Vetus [19 Nov 1813]
On the Courier and Times Newspapers [21 Jan 1814]
Illustrations of Vetus [10 & 16 Dec 1813 and 3 & 5 Jan 1814]
On the late War [3 Apr 1814, The Champion]
Prince Maurice’s Parrot [18 Sep 1814, The Champion; 10 Jul 1814, The Examiner]
Whether the Friends of Freedom can entertain any sanguine hopes of the Favourable Results of the ensuing Congress [23 Oct 1814, The Champion]
The Lay of the Laureate [7 Jul 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Owen’s ‘New View of Society,’ &c. [4 Aug 1816, The Examiner]
Speeches of Charles C. Western, Esq. M.P. and Henry Brougham, Esq. M.P. [7 Mar, 9 Apr & 18 Aug 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Coleridge’s Lay Sermon [8 Sep 1816, The Examiner; Cf. SA, “Coleridge”]
- - - - - - - - - Statesman's Manual [29 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
- - - - - - - - - Lay Sermon [12 Jan 1817, The Examiner; the germ of “My First Acquaintance with Poets”, see LR]
Bonaparte and Muller [15 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
Illustrations of the Times Newspaper [15 & 22 Dec 1816 & 12 Jan 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Macirone’s Interesting Facts relating to the Fall and Death of Joachim Murat, King of Naples [2 & 9 Feb 1817, The Examiner]
Wat Tyler and the Quarterly Review [9 Mar 1817, The Examiner]
The Courier and ‘The Wat Tyler’ [30 Mar 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Southey’s Letter to William Smith, Esq. [4, 11 & 18 May 1817, The Examiner]
On the Spy-System [30 Jun & 15 Jul 1817]
On the Treatment of the State Prisoners [17 July 1817]
The Opposition and the Courier [19 July 1817]
England in 1798, by S. T. Coleridge [2 Aug 1817]
On the Effects of War and Taxes [13 Aug 1817]
Character of Mr. Burke [Aug 1817, Edinburgh Review; 5 Oct 1817, The Champion, “Coleridge’s Literary Life”]
On Court Influence [3 & 10 Jan 1818, The Yellow Dwarf]
On the Clerical Character [24, 31 Jan & 7 Feb 1818, The Yellow Dwarf]
What is the People? [7 & 14 Mar 1818, The Yellow Dwarf]
On the Regal Character [16 May 1818, The Yellow Dwarf]
The Fudge Family in Paris [25 Apr 1818, The Yellow Dwarf]
Character of Lord Chatham [1807, EBS]
- - - - - - of Mr. Burke, 1807 [EBS]
- - - - - - of Mr. Fox, 1807 [EBS, revised]
- - - - - - of Mr. Pitt, 1806 [FTPA, EBS, RT, W]
‘Pitt and Buonaparte’ [19 Mar 1800, Morning Post]
An Examination of Mr. Malthus’s Doctrines [4 Apr 1818, The Yellow Dwarf; Cf. ARM & SA]
On the Originality of Mr. Malthus’s Essay [1807, ARM, Letter II]
On the Principles of Population as affecting the Schemes of Utopian Improvement [1807, ARM, Letter III]
On the Application of Mr. Malthus’s Principle to the Poor Laws [????]
Queries relating to the Essay on Population [29 Oct 1815, The Examiner, “The Round Table”]

Advertisement, etc., from The Eloquence of the British Senate
[1807, 1st edn., 2 vols., ed. WH]

Biographical and Critical Notes


A Reply to the Essay on Population by the Rev. T. R. Malthus
[1807, 1st edn., anonymous; first three letters appeared in Political Register]

Letter I: Introductory [14 Mar 1807]
Letter II: On the Originality of Mr. Malthus’s Principal Argument [16 May 1807]
Letter III: On the Principle of Population as Affecting the Schemes of Utopian Improvement [23 May 1807]
Letter IV: On the General Tendency of Population to Excess
Letter V: Whether Vice and Misery are Necessary Consequences of, and the Only Checks to, the Principle of Population

Extracts from the Essay on Population, with a Commentary, and Notes

The Spirit of the Age
[1825, 1st edn., anonymous; 1825, 2nd edn. (reprinted here), different order, some revisions to “Coleridge”, essay on “Cobbett” added; 1825, Paris edn., an essay on Canning added; 1858, 3rd edn., ed. WH’s son, includes “Cobbett and “Canning”, different order; 1886, 4th edn., ed. WH’s grandson, restores the order of the 2nd edn., adds “Canning”, some revisions of the text based on mss. and autograph notes]

Bibliographical Note

Jeremy Bentham [1824, New Monthly Magazine, vol. X]
William Godwin
Mr. Coleridge
Rev. Mr. Irving [1824, New Monthly Magazine, vol. X]
The late Mr. Horne Tooke
Sir Walter Scott [1824, New Monthly Magazine, vol. X; Cf. PS, 2, XII]
Lord Byron
Mr. Southey
Mr. Wordsworth
Sir James Mackintosh
Mr. Malthus
Mr. Gifford
Mr. Jeffrey
Mr. Brougham – Sir F. Burdett
Lord Eldon – Mr. Wilberforce [1824, New Monthly Magazine, vol. XI]
Mr. Cobbett [1821, TT, 1]
Mr. Campbell – Mr. Crabbe
Mr. T. Moore – Mr. Leigh Hunt
Elia – Geoffrey Crayon

Preface to an abridgement of Abraham Tucker’s Light of Nature Pursued
[1807, 1st edn., originally in 7 vols.]

Bibliographical Note

Preface from A New and Improved Grammar of the English Tongue
[1810, 1st edn.]

Bibliographical Note


Lectures on the English Poets
[1818, 1st edn.; 1819, 2nd edn., reprinted here]

Bibliographical Note

Lecture I. Introductory. – On Poetry in General
Lecture II. On Chaucer and Spenser
Lecture III. On Shakspeare and Milton
Lecture IV. On Dryden and Pope
Lecture V. On Thomson and Cowper
Lecture VI. On Swift, Young, Gray, Collins, etc.
Lecture VII. On Burns, and the Old English Ballads
Lecture VIII. On the Living Poets

Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth
[1820, 1st edn.; 1821, 2nd edn., reprinted here]

Bibliographical Note

Lecture I. Introductory. – General view of the Subject
Lecture II. On the Dramatic Writers contemporary with Shakespear, Lyly, Marlow, Heywood, Middleton, and Rowley
Lecture III. On Marston, Chapman, Deckar, and Webster
Lecture IV. On Beaumont and Fletcher, Ben Jonson, Ford, and Massinger
Lecture V. On single Plays, Poems, &c., the Four P’s, the Return from Parnassus, Gammer Gurton’s Needle, and other Works
Lecture VI. On Miscellaneous Poems, F. Beaumont, P. Fletcher, Drayton, Daniel, &c., Sir P. Sidney’s Arcadia, and Sonnets
Lecture VII. Character of Lord Bacon's Works – compared as to style with Sir Thomas Brown and Jeremy Taylor
Lecture VIII. On the Spirit of Ancient and Modern Literature – on the German Drama, contrasted with that of the Age of Elizabeth

Preface and Critical List of Authors from Select British Poets
[1824, 1st edn., ed. WH, used as a copy-text; 1825, 2nd edn., some poems omitted due to copyright hassle]

A Critical List of Authors Contained in This Volume


Table Talk; or, Original Essays on Men and Manners
[1821-22, 1st edn., 2 vols.; 1824, 2nd edn., 2 vols., reprinted here; 1825, Paris edn., 2 vols., some essays omitted, others added; 1845, 3rd edn., 2 vols., ed. WH’s son, some essays omitted, altered order; 1857-61, 4th edn., reprint of the 1st; 1869, 5th edn., 1 vol., ed. WH’s grandson, text and order the first two edns. restored, but the essays are divided into three series (fixed in the 1891 edn.); 1878, “New Edition”, ed. WH’s grandson, gives some interesting, though minor, variations between the manuscripts and the printed versions of the essays marked with asterisk below; all essays first published here unless otherwise noted]

Bibliographical Note

Essay I. On the Pleasure of Painting [Dec 1820, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 5]
Essay II. The same Subject continued [Dec 1820, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 5]
Essay III. On the Past and Future
Essay IV. On Genius and Common Sense
Essay V. The same Subject continued
Essay VI. Character of Cobbett [repr. in SA, 2nd edn.]
Essay VII. On People with one Idea
Essay VIII. On the Ignorance of the Learned [Jul 1818, New Scots Magazine]
Essay IX. The Indian Jugglers
Essay X. On Living to one’s-self
Essay XI. On Thought and Action
Essay XII. On Will-making
Essay XIII. On certain Inconsistencies in Sir Joshua Reynolds's Discourses
Essay XIV. The same Subject continued [30 Oct, 6 & 27 Nov, 4 & 25 Dec 1814 and 8 Jan 1815, The Champion]
Essay XV. On Paradox and Common-place
Essay XVI. On Vulgarity and Affectation
Essay XVII. On a Landscape of Nicholas Poussin [Aug 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 11]
Essay XVIII. On Milton's Sonnets [1822, New Monthly Magazine, vol. IV, “Table Talk” No. 3]
*Essay XIX. On going a Journey    [1822, New Monthly Magazine, vol. IV, “Table Talk” No. 1]
*Essay XX. On Coffee-house Politicians
Essay XXI. On the Aristocracy of Letters
Essay XXII. On Criticism
Essay XXIII. On great and little Things [1822, New Monthly Magazine, vol. IV, “Table Talk” No. 11]
*Essay XXIV. On familiar Style
Essay XXV. On Effeminacy of Character
Essay XXVI. Why distant Objects please
*Essay XXVII. On Corporate Bodies
Essay XXVIII. Whether Actors ought to sit in the Boxes
Essay XXIX. On the Disadvantages of intellectual Superiority
Essay XXX. On Patronage and Puffing
Essay XXXI. On the Knowledge of Character
Essay XXXII. On the Picturesque and Ideal
Essay XXXIII. On the Fear of Death

Mr. Northcote’s Conversations
[1830, 1st edn., reprinted here; first appeared in New Monthly Magazine, 1826-27, under the collective title “Boswell Redivivus”; augmented and revised in book form]

Bibliographical Note


The Plain Speaker
[1826, 1st edn., 2 vols., anonymous, essays numbered separately by volume, “On the Qualifications Necessary to Success in Life” is Essay I of vol. 2; 1851, ed. WH’s son, one essay omitted; all essays first published here unless otherwise noted]

Bibliographical Note

Essay I. On the Prose-Style of Poets
Essay II. On Dreams
Essay III. On the Conversation of Authors [20 Sep 1820, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 3; 1822, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 5]
Essay IV. The same Subject continued
Essay V. On Reason and Imagination
Essay VI. On Application to Study [1823, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 10]
Essay VII. On Londoners and Country People [1823, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 7]
Essay VIII. On the Spirit of Obligations [1824, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 11]
Essay IX. On the Old Age of Artists [1823, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 8]
Essay X. On Envy (A Dialogue)
Essay XI On Sitting for one's Picture [1823, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 9]
Essay XII. Whether Genius is conscious of its Powers?
Essay XIII. On the Pleasure of Hating
Essay XIV. On Dr. Spurzheim's Theory
Essay XV. On Egotism
Essay XVI. Hot and Cold
Essay XVII. The New School of Reform (A Dialogue between a Rationalist and a Sentimentalist)
Essay XVIII. On the Qualifications necessary to Success in Life [Jun 1820, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 1]
Essay XIX. On the Look of a Gentleman [Jan 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 6]
Essay XX. On Reading Old Books [Feb 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 7]
Essay XXI. On Personal Character [Mar 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 8]
Essay XXII. On People of Sense [Apr 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 9]          
Essay XXIII. On Antiquity [May 1821, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 10]
Essay XXIV. On the Difference between Writing and Speaking [Jul 1820, London Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 11]
Essay XXV. On a Portrait of an English Lady, by Vandyke
Essay XXVI. On Novelty and Familiarity [1825, New Monthly Magazine, revised]
Essay XXVII. On Old English Writers and Speakers [1825, New Monthly Magazine, revised]
Essay XXVIII. Madame Pasta and Mademoiselle Mars [1825, New Monthly Magazine]
Essay XXIX. Sir Walter Scott, Racine, and Shakespear
Essay XXX. On Depth and Superficiality
Essay XXXI. On Respectable People
Essay XXXII. On Jealousy and Spleen of Party

Essay on the Principle of Human Action
[1805, 1st edn., anonymous, reprinted here; 1836, 2nd edn., ed. WH’s son, “considerably improved” from marginal corrections in the author’s copy]

Bibliographical Note

An Argument in Defence of the Natural Disinterestedness of the Human Mind
Remarks on the Systems of Hartley and Helvetius


Lectures on the English Comic Writers
[1819, 1st edn., reprinted here; 1841, 3rd edn., ed. WH’s son, some interpolations; 1869, Bohn’s Library, ed. WH’s grandson, reprint of the 1st edn.]

Bibliographical Note

Lecture I. Introductory – On Wit and Humour
Lecture II. On Shakspeare and Ben Jonson
Lecture III. On Cowley, Butler, Suckling, Etherege, etc.
Lecture IV. On Wycherley, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Farquhar
Lecture V. On the Periodical Essayists
Lecture VI. On the English Novelists [Feb 1815, Edinburgh Review]
Lecture VII. On the Works of Hogarth. On the Grand and Familiar Style of Painting [5 & 19 Jun 1814, The Examiner; RT; see vol. 1]
Lecture VIII. On the Comic Writers of the last Century [based on 20 Aug 1815, The Examiner; RT; see vol. 1]

A View of the English Stage, or A Series of Dramatic Criticisms
[1818, 1st edn., reprinted here, reissued in 1821 with a new half-title; 1851, 2nd edn., ed. WH’s son, abridged]

Bibliographical Note

Preface [24 Apr 1818, Morning Chronicle]
Mr. Kean’s Shylock [27 Jan & 2 Feb 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Mr. Kean’s Richard [15 Feb 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Mr. Kean’s Hamlet [14 Mar 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Mr. Kean’s Othello [6 May 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Mr. Kean’s Iago [9 May 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Antony and Cleopatra [16 Nov 1813, Morning Chronicle]
Artaxerxes [18 Oct 1913, Morning Chronicle]
The Beggar’s Opera [23 Oct 1813, Morning Chronicle]
Richard Coeur de Lion [27 May 1814, Morning Chronicle]
Didone Abandonnata [14 Aug 1814, The Champion]
Miss O’Neill’s Juliet [16 Oct, 1814, The Champion]
Mr. Kean’s Richard [9 Oct 1814, The Champion]
Mr. Kean’s Macbeth [13 Nov 1814, The Champion]
Mr. Kean’s Romeo [8 Jan 1815, The Champion]
Mr. Kean’s Iago [24 Jul 1814, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Iago (concluded) [7 Aug 1814, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Richard II [19 Mar 1815, The Examiner]
The Unknown Guest [2 Apr 1815, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Zanga [28 May 1815, The Examiner]
Mr. Bannister’s Farewell [4 Jun 1815, The Examiner]
Comus [11 Jun 1815, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Leon [2 Jul 1815, The Examiner]
The Tempest [23 Jul 1815, The Examiner]
My Wife! What Wife? [30 Jul 1815, The Examiner]
Mr. Harley’s Fidget [6 Aug 1815, The Examiner]
Living in London [13 Aug 1815, The Examiner]
The King’s Proxy [27 Aug 1815, The Examiner]
The Maid and the Magpie [3 Sep 1815, The Examiner]
The Hypocrite [17 Sep 1815, The Examiner]
Mr. Edwards’s Richard III [1 Oct 1815, The Examiner]
Lovers’ Vows [8 Oct 1815, The Examiner]
The School for Scandal [15 Oct 1815, The Examiner]
Mrs. Alsop’s Rosalind [22 Oct 1815, The Examiner]
John Du Bart [29 Oct 1815, The Examiner]
The Beggar’s Opera [6 Nov 1815, The Examiner]
Miss O’Neill’s Elwina [19 Nov 1815, The Examiner]
Where to find a Friend [26 Nov 1815, The Examiner]
Miss O’Neill’s Belvidera [10 Dec 1815, The Examiner]
The Merchant of Bruges [17 Dec 1815, The Examiner]
Smiles and Tears [24 Dec 1815, The Examiner]
George Barnwell [31 Dec 1815, The Examiner]
The Busy Body [7 Jan 1816, The Examiner]
A New Way to Pay Old Debts [14 Jan 1816, The Examiner]
The Midsummer Night’s Dream [21 Jan 1816, The Examiner]
Love for Love [28 Jan 1816, The Examiner]
The Anglade Family [4 Feb 1816, The Examiner]
Measure for Measure [11 Feb 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Sir Giles Overreach [18 Feb 1816, The Examiner]
The Recruiting Officer [3 Mar 1816, The Examiner]
The Fair Penitent [10 Mar 1816, The Examiner]
The Duke of Milan [17 Mar 1816, The Examiner]
Miss O’Neill’s Lady Teazle [24 Mar 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean [31 Mar 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kean’s Shylock [7 Apr 1816, The Examiner]
The Oratorios [14 Apr 1816, The Examiner]
Richard III [21 Apr 1816, The Examiner]
Romeo and Juliet [28 Apr 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kemble’s Sir Giles Overreach [5 May 1816, The Examiner]
Bertram [19 May 1816, The Examiner]
Adelaide, or the Emigrants [26 May 1816, The Examiner]
Every Man in His Humour [9 Jun 1816, The Examiner]
Mrs. Siddons [16 Jun 1816, The Examiner]
New English Opera House [23 Jun 1816, The Examiner]
The Jealous Wife [30 Jun 1816, The Examiner]
The Man of the World [7 Jul 1816, The Examiner]
Miss Merry’s Mandane [21 Jul 1816, The Examiner]
Exit by Mistake [28 Jul 1816, The Examiner]
The Italian Opera [4 Aug 1816, The Examiner]
Old Customs [11 Aug 1816, The Examiner]
My Landlady’s Night-Gown [18 Aug 1816, The Examiner]
Castle of Andalusia [1 Sep 1816, The Examiner ]
Two Worlds [8 Sep 1816, The Examiner]
The Wonder [15 Sep 1816, The Examiner]
The Distressed Mother [22 Sep 1816, The Examiner]
Miss Boyle’s Rosalind [6 Oct 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Macready’s Othello [13 Oct 1816, The Examiner]
Theatrical Debuts [20 Oct 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kemble’s Cato [27 Oct 1816, The Examiner]
The Iron Chest [1 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
Mr. Kemble’s King John [8 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
Coriolanus [15 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
The Man of the World [29 Dec 1816, The Examiner]
Jane Shore [5 Jan 1817, The Examiner]
The Humorous Lieutenant [26 Jan 1816, The Examiner]
Two New Ballets [9 Feb 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Booth’s Duke of Gloster [16 Feb 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Booth’s Iago [23 Feb 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Booth’s Richard [2 Mar 1817, The Examiner]
Double Gallant [13 Apr 1817, The Examiner]
Don Juan [20 Apr 1817, The Examiner]
The Conquest of Taranto [27 Apr 1817, The Examiner]
The Touch-Stone [11 May 1817, The Examiner]
The Libertine [25 May 1817, The Examiner]
Barbarossa [1 Jun 1817, The Examiner]
Mrs. Siddons’s Lady Macbeth [8 Jun 1817, The Examiner]
Mr. Maywood’s Shylock [26 Sep 1817, The Times]
Mr. Kemble’s Retirement [25 Jun 1817, The Times]

Dramatic Essays from The London Magazine
[Many of these essays were included in the 2nd edn. of AVES, but heavily cut and re-arranged; first publication of their original form; part of essay IV and the whole of essay X are “plainly the work of another hand” and therefore omitted]

No. I [Jan 1820]
No. II. [Feb 1820]
No. III. [Mar 1820]
No. IV. [Apr 1820]
No. V. [May 1820]
No. VI. [Jun 1820]
No. VII. [Jul 1820]
No. VIII. [Aug 1820]
No. IX. [Sep 1820]
No. XI. [Dec 1820]

I. On Modern Comedy [15 Oct 1813, Morning Chronicle, some passages interpolated in the 3rd edn. of LECW]
II. On Mr. Kean’s Iago [11 Sep 1814, The Examiner, WH’s rejoinder to the dramatic critic of the magazine as regards a little controversy about the character of Iago]


Sketches of the Principal Picture-Galleries in England
[1824, 1st edn.; first published in London Magazine unless otherwise noted]

Mr. Angerstein’s Collection [Dec 1822]
Dulwich Gallery [Jan 1823]
The Marquis of Stafford’s Gallery [Feb 1823]
Pictures at Windsor Castle [Mar 1823]
Pictures at Hampton Court [Jun 1823]
Lord Grosvenor’s Collection [Jul 1823]
Pictures at Wilton and Stourhead [Oct 1823]
Pictures at Burleigh House [1822, New Monthly Magazine, “Table Talk” No. 4]
Pictures at Oxford and Blenheim [Nov 1823]
Appendix: Criticism on Marriage a-la-Mode [5 & 19 Jun 1814, The Examiner; RT; LECW, VII]

Notes of a Journey through France and Italy
[1826, 1st edn., reprinted here; all chapters originally appeared in Morning Chronicle, 14 Sep 1824 to 16 Nov 1825]

Bibliographical Note

Chapter I. Rules for travelling abroad. Brighton. Crossing the Channel. Dieppe. Remarks on the French common People.
Chapter II. Normandy. Appearance of the Country. Rouen. The Cathedral there. The sense of Smell.
Chapter III. The Road from Rouen to Paris. A Mistake. Evreux. A young Frenchman. A trait of national Politeness. Louviers. The Diligence, and the Company in it. Lord Byron and Mr. Moore.
Chapter IV. The Louvre.
Chapter V. Gravity of the French. Their Behaviour at the Theatre. Account of going to a Play. Minute attention paid to the Arts and Sciences in France. Sir T. Lawrence. Horace Vernet.
Chapter VI. Dialogue on the Exhibition of Modern French Pictures.
Chapter VII. The Luxembourg Gallery.
Chapter VIII. National Antipathies. Cemetery of Père la Chaise.
Chapter IX. Mademoiselle Mars. The Théatre Français. Moliere's Misanthrope and Tartuffe. Admirable manner of casting a Play in Paris. French Actors, Le Peintre, Odry, and Potier. Talma and Mademoiselle Georges.
Chapter X. Description of Paris. The Garden of the Tuileries. The Champ de Mars. The Jardin des Plantes. Reflections.
Chapter XI. French Sculpture. Note on the Elgin Marbles.
Chapter XII. The French Opera. Dido and Aeneas. Madame Le Gallois in the Ballet. Italian Opera or Salle Louvois. Mombelli and Pellegrini in the Gazza Ladra. Allusion to Brunet.
Chapter XIII. Leave Paris for Lyons. Adventures on the Road. Fontainbleau. Montargis. Girl at the Inn there. A French Diligence. Moulins. Palisseau. The Bourbonnois. Descent into Tarare. Meeting with a young Englishman there. Arrival at Lyons. Manners of French Servants. French Translation of Tom Jones. M. Martinets Death of Socrates
Chapter XIV. Set out for Turin by Way of Mont Cenis. The Cheats of Scapin. The Diligence. Pont Beau Voisin, the frontier Town of the King of Sardinia's Dominions. Have to pass the Custom House. My Box of Books leaded. A Note which is little to the Purpose. First View of the Alps. The Grand Chartreuse. Cavern of La Grotte. Chambery. St. Michelle. Lans-le-Bourg. Our Spanish fellow-traveller. Passage of Mount Cenis. Arrival at Susa.
Chapter XV. Turin. Its magnificent Situation. The Effect of first feeling one’s-self in Italy. Theatre. Capital Pantomime-acting. Passports. Get seats in a Voiture to Florence, with two English Ladies. Mode of travelling. Italian Peasants. Parma. Windows lined with Faces. Maria-Louisa. Character of Correggio. Frescoes by the same in the Cupola of St. Paul’s. The Farnese Theatre. Bologna. Academy of Painting. Towns in Italy.
Chapter XVI. Road to Florence. The Apennines. Covigliaijo. La Maschere. Approach to and Description of Florence. Carnival. Lent. The Popish Calendar. Fesole. Cold in Italy.
Chapter XVII. The public Gallery. Antique Busts. The Venus. Raphael's Fornarina. The Perseus of Benvenuto Cellini. John of Bologna's Rape of the Sabines. The Palace Pitti.
Chapter XVIII. Sienna. Radicofani. Aquapendente. Description of the Inn there. San Lorenzo. Monte-Fiascone. Lake of Bolsena. Desolate Appearance of the Country near Rome. First View of St. Peter's from Baccano.
Chapter XIX. Rome. The Vatican. The Capella Sistina. Holy Week. The Coliseum. The Temple of Vesta. Picture Galleries the Ruspigliosi, Doria, Borghese, Corsini, and Little Farnese. Guido.
Chapter XX.  Character of the English.
Chapter XXI. Return to Florence. Italian Banditti. Terni. Tivoli. Spoleto. Church and Pictures at Assizi. Perugia. An Irish Priest. Cortona. Arrezo. Incisa.
Chapter XXII. Journey to Venice. Plain of Lombardy. A country Inn. Ferrara. Rovigo. Padua. Description of Venice.
Chapter XXIII. Palaces at Venice the Grimani, Barberigo, and Manfrini Collections. Paul Veronese. Titian's St. Peter Martyr. The Assumption and Martyrdom of St. Lawrence. St. Mark's Place.
Chapter XXIV. Journeyto Milan. Verona. The Tomb of Juliet. The Amphitheatre. The Fortress of Peschiera. Lake of T Garda. Milan. The Inhabitants. The Duomo. Theatre of the Gran Scala. Isola Bella. Lago Maggiore. Baveno.
Chapter XXV. The passage over the Simplon. Inn at Brigg. Valley of the Simplon. Sion. Bex. Vevey.
Chapter XXVI. Excursion to Chamouni. Mont – Blanc. Geneva. Lausanne.
Chapter XXVII. Return down the Rhine through Holland. Concluding remarks

Miscellaneous Essays on the Fine Arts

Bibliographical Note

On Haydon's Solomon [4 & 5 May 1814, Morning Chronicle]
The Catalogue Raisonné of the British Institution [3 Nov 1816, The Examiner, “Literary Notices”; Cf. RT; see also vol. 1]
West's Picture of Death on the Pale Horse [Dec 1817, Edinburgh Magazine]
On Williams's Views in Greece [May 1822, London Magazine]
On the Elgin Marbles [Feb & May 1822, London Magazine, based on “Literary Notices”, 30 Jun 1816, The Examiner; see also Appendix]
Fonthill Abbey [Nov 1822, London Magazine]
Judging of Pictures [2 Aug 1823, Literary Examiner]
The Vatican [Nov 1827, New Monthly Magazine; LR]
English Students at Rome [Oct 1827, New Monthly Magazine]
Fine Arts [1824, Encyclopaedia Britannica, supplement to the 4th, 5th and 6th edns., 1824, 6 vols.; Cf. The Champion, 28 Aug, 11 Sep and 2 Oct 1814, “Fine Arts…”; see vol. 1]
James Barry [1824, Encyclopaedia Britannica, ibid.]
Originality [3 Jan 1830, The Atlas, “Specimens of a Dictionary of Definitions”]
The Ideal [10 Jan 1830, The Atlas, “Specimens of a Dictionary of Definitions”]
Royal Academy [EFA]


I. Fragments on Art (continued): Why the Arts are not Progressive [15 Jan 1814, Morning Chronicle, omitted passages from RT; see vol. 1]
II. Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Elgin Marbles. – Murray. [30 Jun 1816, The Examiner, “Literary Notices”, not used in “On Elgin Marbles, London Magazine, May 1822]

Contributions to the Edinburgh Review
[unless otherwise noted, all pieces previously uncollected]

Dunlop’s History of Fiction [Nov 1814]
Standard Novels and Romances [Feb 1815]
Sismondi's Literature of the South [Jun 1815]
Schlegel on the Drama [Feb 1816]
Coleridge’s Lay Sermon [Dec 1816; disputed authorship; overwhelmingly strong internal evidence]
Coleridge’s Literary Life [Aug 1817]
Letters of Horace Walpole [Dec 1818]
Life of Sir Joshua Reynolds [Aug 1820; CA, EFA]
The Periodical Press [May 1823]
Landor’s Imaginary Conversations [Mar 1824]
Shelley’s Posthumous Poems [Jul 1824]
Lady Morgan’s Life of Salvator [Jul 1824]
American Literature – Dr. Channing [Oct 1829]
Flaxman’s Letters on Sculpture [Oct 1829]
Wilson’s Life and Times of Daniel Defoe [Jan 1830]
Mr. Godwin [Apr 1830]

- Hunt’s Story of Rimini [Jun 1816, uncertain but probable authorship]
- Coleridge’s Christabel [Sep 1816, uncertain but probable authorship]

[*previously uncollected pieces]

On Abstract Ideas [EPHA, 1836, 2nd edn.]

Fragments of Lectures on Philosophy (1812) [repr. from LR]
On the Writings of Hobbes
On Liberty and Necessity
On Locke’s Essay on the Human Understanding
On Tooke’s ‘Diversions of Purley’
On Self-Love

Contributions to The Morning Chronicle
*Madame de Staëls Account of German Philosophy and Literature [3 Feb 1814]
*The Same Subject continued [17 Feb 1814]
*The Same Subject continued [3 Mar 1814]
*The Same Subject continued (On Abstraction) [8 Apr 1814]
*Fine Arts. British Institution [5 Feb 1814]
*The Stage [24 Feb 1814; CSP, “The Stage”]
*Fine Arts (The Louvre) [24 Mar 1814]

Contributions to The Champion
*Wilson’s Landscapes at the British Institution [17 July 1814]
*On Gainsborough’s Pictures [31 Jul 1814]
*Mr. Kemble’s Penruddock [20 Nov 1814]
*Introduction to an Account of Sir Joshua Reynolds’s Discourses [27 Nov 1814]
*On Genius and Originality [4 Dec 1814]
*On the Imitation of Nature [25 Dec 1814]
*On the Ideal [8 Jan 1815]
*L. Buonaparte’s Charlemagne; I’Église Délivrée [18 Dec 1814]
*The Same Subject continued [25 Dec 1814]
*L. Buonaparte’s Collection of Pictures [22 Jan 1815]
*British Institution [5 Feb 1815]
*The Same Subject continued [12 Feb 1815]
*The Same Subject continued [19 Feb 1815]
*On Mr. Wilkie’s Pictures [5 Mar 1815]

Contributions to The Examiner
*On Rochefoucault's Maxims [23 Oct 1814]
On the Predominant Principles and Excitements of the Human Mind [26 Feb 1815; W: “Mind and Motive”]
The Love of Power or Action as Main a Principle in the Human Mind as Sensibility to Pleasure or Pain [9 Apr 1815; W: “Mind and Motive”]
Essay on Manners [3 Sep 1815; W: “Matter and Manner”]
*Kean's Bajazet, and ‘The Country Girl’ [12 Nov 1815]
*Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity [10 Dec 1815]
*Parallel Passages in various Poets [24 Dec 1815]
*Mr. Locke a great Plagiarist [25 Feb 1816]
*Shakespear’s Female Characters [28 Jul 1816; used in CSP, “Othello” & “Cymbeline”]
*Miss O'Neill's Widow Cheerly [12 Jan 1817]
*Penelope and The Dansomanie [19 Jan 1817]
*Oroonoko [26 Jan 1817]
*’The Pannel’ and ‘The Ravens’ [2 Feb 1817]
*John Gilpin [4 May 1817]
*Don Giovanni and Kean's Eustace de St. Pierre [18 May 1817]
*Character of the Country People [18 Jul 1819; attr. to WH on internal evidence]
*Mr. Macready's Macbeth [25 Jun 1820]
*Guy Faux [11 Nov 1821]
*The Same Subject continued [18 Nov 1821]
*The Same Subject concluded [25 Nov 1821]
Character of Mr. Canning [11 Jul 1824; SA, “Paris” and subsequent edns.]
*The Dandy School [18 Nov 1827]
*Actors and the Public [16 Mar 1828; strong internal evidence of authorship; same for next 11 pieces]
*French Plays [23 Mar 1828]
*French Plays (continued) [30 Mar 1828]
*The Theatres and Passion Week [6 Apr 1828]
*Charles Kean [13 Apr 1828]
*Some of the Old Actors [27 Apr 1828]
*The Company at the Opera [4 May 1828]
*The Beggar's Opera [11 May 1828]
*The Taming of the Shrew and L'Avare [18 May 1828]
*Mrs. Siddons [25 May 1828]
*The Three Quarters, etc. [1 Jun 1828]
*Mr. Kean [15 Jun 1828]

Contributions to The Times [internal evidence of WH’s authorship]
*Munden's Sir Peter Teazle [8 Sep 1817]
*Young's Hamlet [9 Sep 1817]
*Dowton in The Hypocrite [19 Sep 1817]
*Miss Brunton’s Rosalind [20 Sep 1817]
*Maywood’s Zanga [3 Oct 1817]
*Kean’s Richard III [7 Oct 1817]
*The Wonder [9 Oct 1817]
*Venice Preserved [10 Oct 1817]
*She Stoops to Conquer [15 Oct 1817]
*Kean’s Macbeth [21 Oct 1817]
*Kean’s Othello [27 Oct 1817]
*Kean and Miss O’Neill [2 Dec 1817]
*The Honey Moon [3 Dec 1817]
*Mr. Kean [16 Dec 1817]
*King John [18 Dec 1817]

Contributions to The Yellow Dwarf
*The Press – Coleridge, Southey, Wordsworth, and Bentham [3 Jan 1818]
*Mr. Coleridge's Lectures [21 Feb 1818]
*Childe Harold's Pilgrimage [2 May 1818]
The Opera [23 May 1818]

Contributions to The Edinburgh (New Scots) Magazine
*On the Question whether Pope was a Poet [Feb 1818]
*On Respectable People [Aug 1818; the editors are quite wrong to mark this essay with an asterisk: it is the same piece as the one of the same title in PS; see vol. 7]
On Fashion [Sep 1818; SE, omissions and variations]
On Nicknames [Sep 1818; SE, omissions and variations]
Thoughts on Taste [Oct 1818; SE, omissions and variations]
The Same Subject continued [July 1819; SE, omissions and variations]
The Same Subject continued [not published in the Edinburgh Magazine; repr. from SE]

Contributions to The London Magazine
*On the Present State of Parliamentary Eloquence [Oct 1820]
*Haydon’s ‘Christ’s Agony in the Garden’ [May 1821]
*Pope, Lord Byron, and Mr. Bowles [Jun 1821]
On Consistency of Opinion [Nov 1821; W: some omissions]
On the Spirit of Partisanship [Dec 1821; SE]
*‘The Pirate’ [Jan 1822; internal evidence of WH’s authorship]
*‘Peveril of the Peak’ [Feb 1823]

Contributions to The Literary Examiner
Common Places [Sep 6 & 13, Oct 11 & 25, Nov 8, 15, 22 & 29, Dec 13 1823; RT, 1871, ed. WH’s grandson]


Essays Not Certainly Hazlitt’s, and Fragments
Character of Mr. Wordsworth's New Poem, The Excursion [The Examiner; RT: omissions and variations]
The Duke D'Enghien [Sep 24, Oct 8, Nov 19, Dec 10, The Examiner]
Coleridge’s ‘Christabel’ [2 Jun 1816, The Examiner]
Sketches of the History of the Good Old Times [6, 13 & 20 Apr, The Examiner]
Historical Illustrations of Shakespeare [Jan & Sep 1819, Edinburgh Magazine]
Mr. Crabbe [May 1821, The London Magazine; SA: extended]

[*previously uncollected pieces]

Contributions to The New Monthly Magazine
The Fight [Feb 1822; LR]
Merry England [Dec 1825; SE]     
Of Persons One would Wish to have Seen [Jan 1826; LR, W]
On the Conversation of Lords [Apr 1826; SE]
On a Sun-dial [Oct 1827; SE: written in Italy, 1825?]
Why the Heroes of Romance are insipid [Nov 1827; SE]
The Shyness of Scholars [Dec 1827; LR]
The Main Chance [Feb 1828; LR, with omissions & additions (in square brackets)]
Self-Love and Benevolence [Oct 1828; SE, omitted in the 2nd edn., restored in the 3rd by WH’s grandson]
The Same Subject continued [Dec 1828; see previous brackets]
*The Free Admission [July 1830]
The Sick Chamber [August 1830; EC]
Footmen [Sep 1830; SE; WH died on 18 Sep 1830]

Contributions to The Monthly Magazine
On the Want of Money [Jan 1827; LR]
On the Feeling of Immortality in Youth [Mar 1827; LR, W: many omissions & variations]
On Reading New Books [Jul 1827; SE: with omissions]
On Disagreeable People [Aug 1827; SE]
On Means and Ends [Sep 1827; LR, W: many variations]
On Personal Identity [Jan 1828; W: some omissions]
*Aphorisms on Man [Oct, Nov & Dec 1830; Apr, May & Jun 1831]
A Chapter on Editors [Nov 1830; SE: some omissions]
The Letter Bell [Mar 1831; SE: considerable omissions; possibly WH’s final essay; mentions the July Revolution of 1830: latest precise reference in his writings]

Contributions to The Liberal
On the Spirit of Monarchy [1822; LR]
*On the Scotch Character [1822;]
My First Acquaintance with Poets [1823; LR, W]
*Pulpit Oratory: Dr. Chalmers and Mr. Irving [1823]
*Arguing in a Circle [1823]

Contributions to The London Weekly Review
*Queries and Answers [17 Nov 1827]
On Knowledge of the World [1 Dec 1827; SE]
The Same Subject continued [8 Dec 1827; SE]
The Same Subject continued [15 Dec 1827; SE]
On Public Opinion [19 Jan 1828; W]
On the Causes of Popular Opinion [16 Feb 1828; W]
A Farewell to Essay-writing [29 Mar 1828; W: imperfect form]
*Byron and Wordsworth [5 Apr 1828]
On Cant and Hypocrisy [6 Dec 1828; SE: some omissions]
The Same Subject continued [13 Dec 1828; SE: some omissions]

Contributions to The Atlas
*Poetry [8 Mar 1829]
*English Grammar [15 Mar 1829]
*Memorabilia of Mr. Coleridge [22 Mar 1829]
*Peter Pindar [5 Apr 1829]
*Logic [12 Apr 1829]
*The Late Mr. Curran [26 Apr 1829]
*The Court Journal – A Dialogue [7 June 1829]
*The Late Dr. Priestley [14 June 1829]
*Sects and Parties [2 Aug 1829]
*Conversations as Good as Real (1) [20 Sep 1829]
*Conversations as Good as Real (2) [1 Nov 1829]
Trifles Light as Air [27 Sep & 4 Oct 1829; RT, 1871, ed. WH’s grandson]
*Common Sense [11 Oct 1829]
*The Spirit of Controversy [31 Jan 1830]
Envy [14 Feb 1830; SE]
On Prejudice [11 Apr 1830; SE]
The Same Subject continued [18 Apr 1830; SE]
The Same Subject continued [SE; apparently not published in The Atlas]
On Party Spirit [25 Apr 1830; W]

Project for a New Theory of Civil and Criminal Legislation [LR, W (more fully)]
On the Conduct of Life; or, Advice to a School-boy [repr. from LR]
Belief, whether Voluntary [repr. from LR]
Definition of Wit [repr. from LR]
Personal Politics [repr. from LR]
*The Emancipation of the Jews [The Tatler, Mar 1831]
*On the Punishment of Death [Fraser’s Magazine, Jan 1831, extract from WH’s essay has, apparently, not survived]


Addenda to the Notes in Vols. I. – XI.
Index to Titles of Hazlitt's Writings

[VOLUME THIRTEEN: Index (1906)]

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