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A Bibliography of the Works of John Steinbeck

A1.   Cup of Gold (1929)
i.       McBride & Co., 1929.
ii.     Covici Friede, 1936.
iii.    Viking Press, 1938.
 iv.   Penguin, 1976.
 v.    Penguin Classics, 2008. Introduction by Susan F. Beegel.
vi. Notes. 1st novel. Subtitled “A life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, with Occasional Reference to History”.
A2.   The Pastures of Heaven (1932)
 i.      Robert O. Ballou, 1932.
ii.      Viking Press, 1963.
iii.      Penguin, 1982.
iv.      Penguin Modern Classics, 1995. Introduction and Notes by James Nagel.
 v.      Notes. 1st short story collection. 12 interconnected stories set in Corral de Tierra, Monterey, California. No titles; just roman numbers.
A3.   To a God Unknown (1933)
i.      Robert O. Ballou, 1933.
ii.      Penguin Modern Classics, 1995.
iii.      Notes. 2nd novel.
A4.   Tortilla Flat (1935)
i.      Covici-Friede, 1935. Original Preface.
ii.      Penguin, 1963.
iii.      Notes. 3rd novel.
A5.   In Dubious Battle (1936)
i.      Covici-Friede, 1936.
ii.      Viking Press, 1938.
iii.      Penguin, 1979.
iv.      Penguin, 1992. Introduction and Notes by Warren French.
v.      Penguin Classics, 2000. Reprints (iv).
vi.      Notes. 4th novel.
A6.   Of Mice and Man (1937)
i.      Covici, Friede, 1937.
ii.      Viking Press, 1938.
iii.      Heinemann, 1940, with The Red Pony.
iv.      Penguin, 1978, with Cannery Row.
v.      Penguin, 1993.
vi.      Notes. 1st play-novelette.
A7.   The Red Pony (1937)
i.      Covici-Friede, 1937. Limited edition of 699 copies. First 3 stories only.
ii.      Viking Press, 1945. “The Leader of the People” added.
iii.      Heinemann, 1940, with Of Mice and Men.
iv.      Viking Press, 1945. “The Leader of the People” added.
v.      Viking Compass edition, 1965, with The Pearl.
vi.      Penguin, 1976.
vii.      Penguin, 1994. Introduction by John Seelye.
viii.      Penguin Classics, 2000. Reprints (vi).
ix.      Notes. Cycle of four interrelated stories. See A8.
A8.   The Long Valley (1938)
i.      Viking Press, 1938.
ii.      Viking Compass edition, 1956.
iii.      Penguin, 1986.
iv.      Penguin, 1995. Introduction and Notes by John H. Timmerman.
v.      Notes. 2nd short story collection. The Red Pony was first published as a limited edition of 699 copies by Covici-Friede in 1937; “The Leader of the People”, the last part of the cycle, was added in the 1945 Viking Press edition. See A7.
vi.      Contents [first publication]:
§    The Chrysanthemums [October 1937, Harper’s Magazine]
§    The White Quail [March 1935, North American Review]
§    Flight
§    The Snake [June 22, 1935, Monterey Beacon]
§     Breakfast [November 9, 1936, Pacific Weekly]
§    The Raid [October 1934, North American Review]
§     The Harness [June 1938, Atlantic Monthly]
§    The Vigilante [October 1936, Esquire, as “The Lonesome Vigilante”]
§    Johnny Bear [September 1937, Esquire, “The Ears of Johnny Bear”]
§    The Murder [April 1934, North American Review]
§    Saint Katy the Virgin [1936, New York: Covici-Friede]
§    The Red Pony [Covici-Friede, 1937; see A7]:
·   The Gift [November 1933, North American Review]
·   The Great Mountains [December 1933, North American Review]
·   The Promise [May 1937, Harper’s Magazine]
§    The Leader of the People [August 1936, Argosy]
A9.   The Grapes of Wrath (1939)
i.      Viking Press, 1939.
ii.      Heinemann, 1939. 1st British edition.
iii.      Penguin, 1976.
iv.      Penguin, 1992. Introduction by Robert DeMott.
v.      Penguin Classics, 2000. Reprints (iv).
vi.      Notes. 5th novel.
A10.   The Forgotten Village (1941)
i.      Viking Press, 1941.
ii.      Notes. Script for a documentary.
A11.   The Moon is Down (1942)
i.      Viking Press, 1942.
ii.      Viking Compass edition, 1970.
iii.      Penguin, 1982.
iv.      Penguin Classics, 1995. Introduction by Donald V. Coers.
v.      Notes. 2nd play-novelette.
A12.   Cannery Row (1945)
i.      Viking Press, 1945. Original preface: “Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise…”
ii.      Viking Compass edition. 1963.
iii.      Penguin, 1978, with Of Mice and Men.
iv.      Penguin, 1992.
v.      Penguin, 2002. Centennial Edition.
vi.      Notes. 6th novel.
A13.   The Wayward Bus (1947)
i.      Viking Press, 1947.
ii.      Penguin, 1979.
iii.      Penguin Modern Classics, 2006. Introduction and Notes by Gary Scharnhorst.
iv.      Notes. 7th novel.
A14.   The Pearl (1947)
i.      Viking Press, 1947.
ii.      Heinemann, 1948. 1st British edition.
iii.      Viking Compass edition, 1965, with The Red Pony.
iv.      Penguin, 1976, with The Red Pony?
v.      Penguin, 1993.
vi.      Penguin, 1994. Introduction by Linda Wagner-Martin.
vii.      Penguin Classics, 2000. Reprints (vi).
viii.      Notes. 8th novel.
A15.   Burning Bright (1950)
i.      Viking Press, 1950. Original Foreword.
ii.      Notes. 1st play-novelette.
A16.   East of Eden (1952)
i.      Viking Press, September 1952.
ii.      Macmillan, 1952. 1st Canadian edition.
iii.      Viking Compass edition, 1970.
iv.      Penguin, 1979.
v.      8th novel.
A17.   Sweet Thursday (1954)
i.      Viking Press, 1954.
ii.      Penguin, 1979.
iii.      Penguin Classics, 2008. Introduction by Robert DeMott.
iv.      Notes. 9th novel. Sequel to Cannery Row (10).
A18.   The Short Reign of Pippin IV (1957)
i.      Viking Press, 1957.
ii.      Penguin, 1977.
iii.      Penguin Classics, 2007. Introduction by Robert and Katharine Morsberger.
iv.      Notes. 10th novel. Subtitled “A Fabrication”.
A19.   The Winter of Our Discontent (1961)
i.      Viking Press, 1961.
ii.      Notes. 11th novel.
A20.   The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights (1976)
i.      Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1976.
ii.      Notes. Unfinished.

B1.   Their Blood Is Strong (1938)
i.      Simon J. Lubin Society, 1938.
ii.      Heyday Press, 1989, as The Harvest Gypsies.
iii.      Notes. Articles originally written for the San Francisco News, Oct 1936.
B2.   A Letter Written in Reply to a Request for a Statement About His Ancestry (1940)
i.      Overbook Press, 1940. Limited edition of 350 copies.
B3.   Bombs Away (1942)
i.      Viking Press, 1942.
ii.      Penguin Classics, 2009. Introduction by George Meredith.
iii.      Notes. Propaganda. Subtitled “The Story of a Bomber Team”.
B4.   A Russian Journal (1948)
i.      Viking Press, 1948.
ii.      Penguin Classics, 1999. Introduction by Susan Shillingshaw. Photographs by Robert Capa. Contains “A Legitimate Complaint by Robert Capa”.
iii.      Notes. Journalism first published in the New York Herald Tribune (“A Russian Journal”, 14-31 Jan 1948), Ladies Home Journal (“Women and Children in the USSR”, Feb 1948) and Illustrated (“Journey into Russia: People of the Soviet”, 1 May 1948: 5-22).
B5.   The Log from the Sea of Cortez (1951)
i.      Viking Press, 1951. Original preface “About Ed Ricketts”, pp. vii-xvii.
ii.      Penguin, 1977.
iii.      Penguin Classics, 1995. Introduction by Richard Astro.
iv.      Notes. First published as Sea of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal of Travel and Research, Viking Press, 1941, by John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts. The 1951 version drops the latter’s taxonomical list and preserves only the journal of the expedition, reportedly written by both Steinbeck and Ricketts.
B6.   Once There Was a War (1958)
i.      Viking Press, 1958. Original introduction.
ii.      Penguin, 1977.
iii.      Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics, 1994.
iv.      Penguin Classics, 2007.
v.      Notes. WWII dispatches for the New York Herald Tribune (20 June – 15 Dec 1943).
vi.      Contents:
1. England: Troopship / A Plane’s Name / News from Home / Superstition / Preparation for a Raid / The Ground Crew / Waiting / Day of Memories / The People of Dover / Minesweeper / Coast Battery / Alcoholic Goat / Stories of the Blitz / Lilli Marlene / War Talk / The Cottage That Wasn’t There / Growing Vegetables / The Shape of the World / Theater Party / Directed Understanding / Big Train / Bob Hope / A Cozy Castle / The Yanks Arrive / A Hand / The Career of Big Train Mulligan / Chewing Gum / Mussolini / Craps.
2.   AfricaPlane for Africa / Algiers / A Watch Chiseler / Over the Hill / The Short Snorter War Menace / The Bone Yard.
3.  ItalyRehearsal / Invasion / Palermo / Souvenir / Welcome / The Lady Packs / Capri / Sea Warfare / The Worried Bartender / The Camera Makes Soldiers / The Story of an Elf / Magic Pieces / Symptoms / The Plywood Navy / A Destroyer / A Ragged Crew / Ventotene. 
B7.   Travels With Charley: In Search of America (1962)
i.      Viking Press, 1952.
ii.      Macmillan, 1952. 1st Canadian edition.
iii.      Penguin, 1980. Reprinted, 1986.
iv.      Notes. Portions of this book appeared in Holiday under the title “In Quest of America”.
B8.   America and Americans (1966)
i.      Viking Press, 1966. Illustrated with photographs.
ii. Viking Penguin, 2002, as America and Americans, and Selected Nonfiction. Greatly expanded edition. Edited by Susan Shillingshaw and Jackson J. Benson. The photographs from the original edition are not included. Contents [first published]:
§    I. Places of the Heart
·      Always Something to Do in Salinas
·      The Golden Handcuff [San Francisco Examiner, 23 Nov 1958]
·      A Primer on the 30’s
·      Making of a New Yorker [New York Times Magazine, 1 Feb 1953: 26-27, 66-67]
·      My War with the Ospreys [Holiday, Mar 1957: 72-73, 163-65]
·      Conversation at Sag Harbor
§    II. Engaged Artist
·      Dubious Battle in California [Nation, 12 Sept 1936, 302-4]
·      The Harvest Gypsies: Squatters’ Camps [San Francisco News, Oct 1936, 5-12]
·      Starvation Under the Orange Trees [Monterey Trader, 15 Apr 1938]
·      From Writers Takes Sides [“Letters About the War in Spain from 418 American Authors”, League of American Writers, 1938, 56-7]
·      I Am a Revolutionary
·      Duel Without Pistols [Collier’s, 23 Aug 1952: 13-15]
·      The Trial of Arthur Miller [Esquire, Jun 1957: 86]
·      Atque Vale [Saturday Review, 23 Jul 1960: 13]
·      Dear Adlai
·      G.O.P. Delegates Have Bigger, Better Badges
·      L’Envoi
§    III. Occasional Pieces
·       Then My Arm Glassed Up [Sports Illustrated, 20 Dec 1965: 94-96, 99-102]
·      On Fishing
·       Circus [Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus program, 1954: 6-7]
·      Random Thoughts on Random Dogs [Saturday Review, 8 Oct 1955: 11]
·      …like captured fireflies [CTA Journal, Nov 1955: 7]
·      The Joan in All of Us [Saturday Review, 14 Jan 1956: 17]
·      A Model T Named “It” [Ford Times, Jul 1953: 34-39]
§    IV. On Writing
·      The Play-Novelette
·      My Short Novels [Wings, Oct 1953: 4-8]
·      Rationale
·      Critics – from a Writer’s Viewpoint [Saturday Review, 27 Aug 1955: 20, 28]
·      Some Random and Randy Thoughts on Books
·      Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech [Viking, 1962]
§    V. Friends
·      From About Ed Ricketts [1951, B5]
·      Ernie Pyle
·      Tom Collins
·      Robert Capa [Photography, Sep 1954: 48]
·      Adlai Stevenson
·      Henry Fonda [Harper’s Bazaar, Nov 1966: 215]
·      Woody Guthrie
§    VI. Journalist Abroad
·      The Soul and Guts of France [Collier’s, 30 Aug 1952: 26-30]
·      One American in Paris (fourth piece) [Le Figaro, Sep 1954]
·      One American in Paris (thirteenth piece)* [Le Figaro, Sep 1954]
·      Positano [Harper’s Bazaar, May 1953: 158, 185, 187-90, 194]
·      Florence: The Explosion of the Chariot
·      I Go Back to Ireland
·      The Ghost of Anthony Daly
·  [*Originally a series of 17 articles published in French, Le Figaro, 12 Jun-18 Sep 1954. Together with an 18th piece, reprinted as Un Américain à New-York et à Paris, René Julliard, 1956, translated by Jean-François Rozan.]
·   [This book uses as copy-text the typescripts of the seventeen articles at the Marlene Brody Collection, Center for Steinbeck Studies, San Jose State University.]
§    VII. War Correspondent
·      Troopship
·      Waiting
·      Stories of the Blitz
·      Lilli Marlene
·      Bob Hope
·      Vietnam War: No Front, No Rear
·      Action in the Delta
·      Terrorism
·      Puff, the Magic Dragon
·      An Open Letter to Poet Yevtushenko [Newsday, 11 Jul 1966: 3]
§    VIII. America and Americans [Newsday, 12-19 Nov 1966, some pieces]
·      Foreword
·      E Pluribus Unum
·      Paradox and Dream
·      Government of the People
·      Created Equal
·      Genus Americanus
·      The Pursuit of Happiness
·      Americans and the Land
·      Americans and the World
·      Americans and the Future
·      Afterword
§    Works Cited
§    Selected Bibliography of Steinbeck’s Nonfiction
§    Index
B9.   Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters (1969)
i.      Viking Press, 1969.
ii.      Penguin, 1969.
iii.      Heinemann, 1970.
iv.      Macmillan, 1972.
 v.      Notes. Letters to Pascal Covici during the composition of the first draft of East of Eden.ii. 
B10.   Viva Zapata! (1975)
i.      Viking, 1975. Edited by Robert Morsberger. The script of Elia Kazan’s 1952 movie starring Marlon Brando plus another story on the same subject recently discovered in the library of UCLA.
ii.      Penguin, 1975.
iii.      Penguin, 1993.
iv.      Contents (1993 edn.):
·      Preface
·      Acknowledgments
·      Part One: Zapata
·      A Narrative, in Dramatic Form
·   Emiliano Zapata, The Man, the Myth, and the Mexican Revolution, an introductory essay by Robert Morsberger
·      Zapata: A Narrative, in Dramatic Form, of the Life of Emiliano Zapata, by John Steinbeck
·      Part Two: Viva Zapata!
·      The Screenplay
· Steinbeck’s Zapata: Rebel Versus Revolutionary, an introductory essay by Robert Morsberger
·      Viva Zapata!: The Screenplay, by John Steinbeck
·      Appendix
·      A Note on the Script
·      Credits
·      Steinbeck’s Screenplays and Productions
·      Steinbeck’s Films
·      Bibliography
B11.   Steinbeck: A Life in Letters (1975)
i.      Viking Press, 1975. Edited by Elaine Steinbeck and Robert Robert Wallstein.
ii.      Penguin, 1976. Reprinted, 1989.
B12.   Working Days: The Journals of Grapes of Wrath (1989)
i.      Viking, 1989. Edited by Robert DeMott.
ii. Penguin, 1990.
B13.   Steinbeck in Vietnam: Dispatches from the War (2012)
i.   University of Virginia Press, 2012. Edited by Thomas E. Barden. Dispatches from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia) for the Long Island daily paper Newsday (December 1966 – May 1967). Also includes four pieces from B8 (“Vietnam War: No Front, No Rear”, “Actions in the Delta”, “Terrorism” and “Puff, the Magic Dragon”.)

C1.   A Depiction of Mexico by an Author with No Pattern to Vindicate” (1936)
             i.      San Francisco Chronicle, 31 May 1936: D4.
C2.   The Way It Seems to John Steinbeck” (1936)
             i.      The Occident 29 (1936): 5.
C3.   Letter to the Inmates of the Connecticut State Prison (1938)
             i.      Monthly Record (Connecticut State Prison), June 1938: 3.
C4.   The Stars Point to Shafter” (1938)
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C5.   This Is the Monterey We Love” (1946)
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C6.   Vanderbilt Clinic (1947)
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C7.   The First Watch (1947)
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C8.   Foreword to Between Pacific Tides by Edward Ricketts and Jack Calvin (1948)
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C9.   My Ideal Woman” (1950)
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 C10.   Critics, Critics Burning Bright” (1950)
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C11.   Do You Like Yourself?” (1951)
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C12.   The Naked Book” (1951)
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C13.   The Farmers Hotel” (1951)
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C20.   Trade Winds: When, Two Summers Ago…” (1954)
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C21.   In Awe of Words” (1954)
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C22.   Good Guy, Bad Guy” (1954)
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C25.   The Summer Before” (1955)
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C27.   Always Something to Do in Salinas” (1955)
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C28.   Report on America (1955)
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C29.   “Were Holding Our Own” (1955)
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C30.   Dreams Piped from Cannery Row” (1955)
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C31.   More About Aristocracy: Why Not a World Peerage? (1955)
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C56.   Your Only Weapon Is Your Work: A Letter by John Steinbeck to Dennis Murphy (1985)
         i.      Steinbeck Research Center (San Jose, CA), 1985. 500 copies. Introduction by Robert DeMott.

D1.   The Portable Steinbeck (1943, 1946, 1971)
i.      Viking Press, 1941, as Steinbeck. Selected by Pascal Covici.
ii.      Viking Press, 1946. Enlarged edition.
iii.      Viking Press, 1971. Revised edition, selected and introduced by Pascal Covici Jr.
iv.      Penguin, 1976.
 v.      Penguin Classics, 2012. Introduction by Susan Shillingshaw.
 vi.      Contents (v): Of Mice and Man / The Red Pony / [excerpts from] East of Eden, The Grapes of Wrath, The Long Valley, The Pastures of Heaven, In Dubious Battle, Tortilla Flat, Cannery Row, Travels with Charley / Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech / Two Uncollected Stories (“The Affair at 7, rue de M-” and “How Mr. Hogan Robbed a Bank”)
D2.   The Short Novels of John Steinbeck (1963)
i.      Garden City: International Collectors Library, 1963.
ii.      Penguin Classics Deluxe, 2009.
iii.      Contents: Tortilla Flat / The Red Pony / Of Mice and Men / The Moon is Down / Cannery Row / The Pearl.

E1.   Library of America, 1994-2001, 4 vols.
i.      Edited by Robert DeMott. Contents:
1.    Novels and Stories, 1932-1937 (1994): The Pastures of Heaven / To a God Unknown / Tortilla Flat / In Dubious Battle / Of Mice and Men.
2.    The Grapes of Wrath and Other Writings 1936-1941 (1996): The Grapes of Wrath, The Harvest Gypsies, The Long Valley, The Log from the Sea of Cortez.
3.      Novels 1942-1952 (2001): The Moon Is Down / Cannery Row / The Pearl / East of Eden.
4.   Travels with Charley and Later Novels 1947-1962 (2007): The Wayward Bus / Burning Bright / Sweet Thursday / The Winter of Our Discontent.
E2.   Book-of-the-Month Club, 1995, 6 vols.
i.      Contents: East of Eden / The Grapes of Wrath / Travels with Charley / The Long Valley / The Winter of Our Discontent / Tortilla Flat & Of Mice and Men.
E3.   Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set, Penguin, 2002, 6 vols.
i.      In a slipcase. Contents: East of Eden / The Grapes of Wrath / Of Mice and Men / The Pearl / Cannery Row / Travels with Charley.   

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